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How advertising is customer-centric marketing tool

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Any advertising campaign targets a particular customer or target group. This makes advertising a customer-centric marketing tool. In the following paragraphs, let us acknowledge how advertising is an important marketing tool which is simultaneously a customer-centric activity.

As a brand business owner, one needs to attract new customers, prospects and leads through an advertising campaign. An ad campaign should also encourage existing customers to spend more on the brand or product. All in all, advertising can build credibility besides establishing and maintaining his brand identity.

One of the main purposes of brand advertising is to inform or remind target consumers about the various benefits offered by the brand. This again helps the brand owner to slowly build his sales. Any advertising campaign cannot guarantee quick or instant sales of the product. It will help the brand owner to come to the notice of customers, provide valuable information (directed to customers) and engage customers' attention so that they are finally persuaded to adopt the product.

There are various mediums of advertising a particular product. Television advertising, outdoor advertising, radio advertising, print advertising etc are some common modes of brand promotion.

Through each and every single advertising media, the advertiser provides a compelling reason to customers so that they call, buy or make a trip to the retail store to buy the advertised product. Customers play a primary role in any advertising activity. Hence, advertisers should ensure that they design and craft the brand message best suiting the needs and requirements of customers.

It is again important to make your product to stand out from amongst its competitors. The ad message should also be attention grabbing so that customers respond to the same. Last but not the least, it is also important to make your brand accessible through multiple mediums of advertising. If customers can access your brand message through various channels, your brand will have a good recall value.

To advertise a brand means to popularise its image amongst target group and generate awareness about its features and associated benefits. Advertising is a significant tool of marketing used by brand owners to boost their brand businesses. Brand owners can advertise their brands through a particular advertising channel or through multiple channels of advertising. In today's blog, let us have a look at some channels of advertising commonly adopted by advertisers.

One of the broadcast mediums of advertising is television media. Television Advertising is one of the most popular means of brand promotion. For years, television ads have been informing as well as entertaining target customers thereby providing valuable brand knowledge. The best part about television commercials is that they provide audio-visual impact on target audiences. Presenting the brand message through television channels provides a rich impact on customers as they can easily grasp the objective of the ad campaign.

Radio Advertising or brand promotion through radio channel is one of the common channels of advertising. Radio Ads are cost effective and can target massive numbers of customers at large. The increasing numbers of FM channels provide brand owners rich opportunity to advertise their brands through various radio channels.

Print Advertising or brand promotion through print media such as newspaper, pamphlets, brochures, leaflets etc is one of the popular means of advertising.  The impact of print advertising is still rich in today's hi-tech world. Various brand owners prefer to launch an ad campaign through print media.

Last but not the least, one of the most in-demand modes of advertising at present is mobile & internet media. Also acknowledged as the future medium of brand promotion, mobile & internet media is the new-age advertising mode to provide effective brand communication to customers. Providing customized brand message to target customers, mobile & internet media truly rocks at present as a contemporary advertising media.

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