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How A TEM Might Benefit Your Organization

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

You may have heard the terms Telecom Expense Management or Mobile Management Systems thrown about.  But what are they and could they help your business? 

Telecommunications Expense Management, or TEM, is a solution that is often used by corporations, state or government agencies, universities, utility companies, and other institutions that are looking to manage their telecom expenses.  Reducing communications costs can be a major benefit for these groups.  Telecom Audit Services can help reduce those costs by improving performance, efficiency and the accountability of telecom usage among employees.

Okay, so telecomm auditing sounds like it will enhance your business.  Let us break down the kind of data and information you can expect to receive by implimenting this system.  First, you can expect to get operations and performance information.  This will allow you to know what you are spending and who in your company is using the equipment the most.  Activity and utilization controls mean that you can know exactly how your telecom system is used, as well as which devices are the most heavily relied on.  Audit and fraud controls means that you can make sure you are being billed correctly and jointly, if you are being the victim of any fraud or deception.  Facilities information allows you to keep track of your inventory and assets.  With work flow info, you can track orders, submit troubleshooting tickets and service requests, and even keep track of related invoices.The basis of our telecom expense management software is the MTS Application Suite infrastructure consisting of a series of modules that can be added as desired to cover telecom invoice management and much more. The basis of the TEM platform is the MTS Application Suite infrastructure consisting of a series of modules that can be added as desired. The MTS Application Suite is an integrated proactive and policy-based solution to manage and control the entire communications network, from basic Call Accounting through usage tracking and invoice reconciliation up to full IT Service Management. This web-based comprehensive, fully scalable solution lets enterprises and organizations save money and be more productive by providing them with the right tools to effectively manage their IT operations and services, thereby significantly reducing the cost and complexity associated with managing and monitoring internal and external communications.

Many of the mobile management systems are designed to work with all different types of organizations and institutions.  This solution works for vertical markets and is cost effective for organizations that have high volume telecom use and traffic. 

Additionally, these systems are usually scalable, which increases their functionality.  You can add modules later based on customer requests, project needs, or marketing trends.  Some examples of the additional modules are invoicing, accounting, workflow, help desk, and various management systems.  So, be sure to check out Telecom Expense Management systems to assist your organization.

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