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Hoover Steam Cleaners Give You that Deep Down Carpet Clean

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 161   |   Comments: 0

Keeping your carpet clean can be a real headache if you've got kids, pets, or just lots of traffic over certain areas. Sure, you can call your local carpet cleaner but that gets expensive if you need it done on a regular basis and rental machines are a hassle to deal with. If your carpets do need regular cleanings then it might be time to consider the line of Hoover steam cleaners.

They have two model lines to choose from: Their well known SteamVac series that includes a number of models at different price points and the Platinum Collection Carpet Cleaner.

The SteamVac series includes dual reservoirs, one for hot water and carpet shampoo and the other to collect the dirty water that is extracted from the carpet. Most models also include their patented SpinScrub technology that is the key to getting that deep down clean.

You will also find on-board attachments on most SteamVac models that include a long hose and rotary brush nozzles. This works great for cleaning furniture and car upholstery. The handle houses the controls that allow you to switch between a water/soap mixture and just a water rinse. These machines's powerful suction finishes the task by extracting as much dirt and grime as possible.

The Platinum Collection model is Hoover's high end model. Its MaxExtract technology is designed to loosen and extract more dirt, grime, allergens, and stains then its leading competitors. This new cleaning technology works through a combination of multi-action agitation, carpet washing, dirt removal and direct heat drying. This not only uses less detergent but also allows your carpet to dry quicker.

High intensity LED lights also help to pinpoint dirty and stained areas that may need extra attention. There are also computerized cleaning modes that keep you informed of various machine functions, if the reservoirs are full or empty, and the ability to choose between carpet and rug settings. It also includes a full set of attachments that gives you the ability to clean furniture and car upholstery.

It's hard to beat the complete line of Hoover steam cleaners for your deep cleaning needs. Designed to work on even the toughest dirt they will help you keep your carpets clean and in like new condition whenever you use it.

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