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Homeopathy - science, not ideology

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Homeopathy, as a separate branch of medicine, originated relatively recently, although traces of homeopathy can be found in treatises on medicine, related to medieval and even ancient times. The method of treatment, open and contained in the system a German doctor Haneman, soon drew attention thanks to astounding results achieved by the founder of classical homeopathy and his disciples. And at the same time, this method, which seems to be provoked negative reactions from the modern Hahnemann doctors, as contrary to the usual methods of classical medicine. They were accused of Hahnemann and his disciples in the fraud and quackery. This opposition to homeopathy grew into persecution, so that Hahnemann was forced to leave Germany and moved to France where he completed his life.

Despite the hostility of medical authorities, homeopathy began to develop vigorously, punching the wall of mistrust, only because of the obvious successes in the treatment of diseases, which the official medicine is considered incurable. Several decades later, the ratio of homeopathy has changed so much that among the supporters of homeopathy can be seen as well-known scientists from different branches of science and European monarchs. Among the distributors and popularizers of homeopathy in the Russian Empire can point to the famous surgeon Pirogov and the well-known philologist, academician Dahl.

Russian Orthodox favorable to homeopathy, and many parish priests, especially in the villages, people were treated by homeopathic means. Among the enthusiasts of homeopathy were landowners and aristocrats, who were treated to free his peasants. This information is in the works of Chekhov. Famous patrologists and spiritual writers, prichtennye a saint - St. Ignatius Brianchaninov and Theophanes the Recluse with great praise of homeopathy, and Ignatius Brianchaninov in some cases, he appointed a need homeopathic medicines.

In the late 19 th century in Russia was organized by the Society homeopath, and soon in the capital in St. Petersburg opened the first homeopathic clinic, which sanctified saint and miracle-worker St. John of Kronstadt. In his opening speech, he praised homeopathy and wished success to the homeopath.

Homeopathy patronized the last Russian emperor Nicholas II, prichtenny canonized.

During the period of Communist homeopathy has undergone all sorts of harassment, reaching up to persecution. She tried to discredit in the press, from homeopathic pharmacies were removed most of the drugs, hospitals where treated to a homeopathic method did not exist. Such a situation has arisen in connection with the fact that homeopathic treatment is not invested in the framework of a materialistic outlook, which is mandatory ideology in the Soviet Union in all branches of science. Many doctors, homeopaths and homeopathy sympathizers were forced to treat their patients in secret. If I may say so, homeopathy in the Soviet Union went out in the Catacomb state.

With the fall of the communist dictatorships situation has changed: Homeopathy has not only freedom, but an official status. However, homeopathy, new enemies, and the growing popularity of homeopathy provoked persecution by doctors allopathy, is clearly losing in comparison with the results accomplished by homeopathy.

I must say that medicine is based on chemicals, more and more closer to catastrophe. In modern medicine has already appeared extensive branch, called "medical illness", ie the shady side of treatment chemicals, which poisons the body and destroys the body's immune and nervous system. This is similar to a civilization that can suffocate in industrial emissions, or on land which killed artificial fertilizers.

However, a different opposition homeopathy can not be explained only by the rivalry of allopathy doctors, with their desire to usurp the medicine, or pressure from pharmaceutical companies interested in selling chemicals. Here we need to decide whether or not given any reason for attacks on homeopathy homeopaths themselves?

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