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Homeopathy for Infertility in New York

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Homeopathy is a growing field for infertility problems. More and more people everyday are looking for infertility help in homeopathy clinics.

In New York the number of homeopathy clinics that work with infertile patients is increasing every month. And the reason for it is an increasing demand for homeopathic treatment among women looking to get pregnant.

According to the data from one survey in New York 64% of women prefer to see homeopath or other natural health practitioner for their infertility problem first before they see a Gynecologist.

This data shows that women in New York have a lot of trust in homeopathic treatment regarding infertility concerns and prefer to try alternative and natural treatment first and only if it did not work go for a more invasive treatment offered by modern medical practitioners.

So, what do women get when they go to homeopathic clinics? What kind of treatment do they offer? Is it helpful for specific form of infertility only or many different causes?

After talking on the phone with one of New York Homeopath I found out that homeopathy can be used for treatment of variety of causes of infertility. It can be helpful for male and female type of infertility.

Homeopathy is alternative form of infertility treatment and it is effective because it improves overall health, including reproductive health.

For female infertility, for example, the following remedies proved to be the most helpful:

Sepia 6c, this remedy is helpful to treat irregular or absent ovulation.

Aurum, this one is used when low sex drive and depression are the cause of infertility.

Sabina 6c is helpful to treat recurrent miscarriage.

Phosphorus is for relieving anxiety and stress, which contribute to infertility problem.

Lycopodium - might be of help to women suffering from dry vagina or tenderness in their lower abdomen.

Silica is good for improving overall health to increase your chances to get pregnant. Also it improves immune system for people who often get sick.

Viburnum opulus (30C) can be very good for women with endometriosis to help them get pregnant.

Alternatively, you can use homeopathy for treatment of male infertility. The well known remedies are:

Medorrhinum is used to treat impotence.

Sepia 6c is used to improve low sex drive in men.

Agnus castus is helpful if problems with impotence develop after a period of intense sexual activity for many years. Men who need agnus castus are normally very anxious about their health and loss of sexual abilities.

Calcarea 30c helps to increase sperm count.

Lycopodium helps with erection problems especially for men who worry a lot and have lack of self-confidence.

These are only a few homeopathic remedies which can be used for problems related to infertility. But it shows that homeopathy looks at the whole person and considers the cause of conception difficulties and treats that cause. It often removes the blocks to conception and leads the way to a healthy, natural pregnancy.

Homeopathic clinics in New York offer a great range of alternative treatments for infertility problems. Homeopathic remedies appeared to be very helpful and suit most people.

The rule in homeopathy is to prescribe by symptoms rather than conditions, as each case of a particular illness can manifest differently in different people. This makes homeopathy stand out from all other infertility treatments and make it very popular around New York women.
To learn more about infertility treatment go to http://www.youcanovercomeinfertility.com

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