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Homeopathic Treatment for Varicocele / Low sperm count / oligospermia homeopathic remedies

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Allopathic Conventional or allopathic treatment of varicocele involves surgery. It involves general anesthesia, incisions in the scrotum, and sutures. 

Varicocele surgery may result in an improvement in sperm count and motility in only about 20% of patients and it is still not possible for the doctor to predict which patient will be helped. 

Apart from this it is a mental, economical and physical trauma to the patient and if a patient doesn't improve after surgery his mental state deteriorates very badly. 

Complications of varicocele surgery : 

  1. Possible complications of varicocele surgery procedure include :
  3. Hematoma (bleeding into tissues).
  4. Hydrocele (accumulation of fluid around the affected testicle).
  5. Infection or injury to the scrotal tissue or structures.
  6. Injury to the artery that supplies the testicle may occur.
  7. Homeopathic treatment of varicocele 

In contrast homeopathy offers an economical and promising treatment for varicocele. Homeopathy remedies for varicocele involves doses of homeopathic natural medicines diluted to a point where none of the original substances can be found. 

Varicocele is one of the major reasons of male infertility. Homoeopathy helps the miserable couple with small magical doses saving the male from surgeon's knife. 

Homeopathy works very well for mild to moderate cases of varicocele. In India and all over world thousands of men have infertility issues .They spend lot of money on the treatment and suffer lots of side effects of the modern medicine (allopathic medicines). If they get no results frustration and depression is obvious. For them there is a kinder and economical alternative 'Homeopathy'. 

Numerous infertility cases have been treated successfully with homeopathic medicines and they have been reported in homeopathic medical journals. 

Homeopathy remedies can help infertile couples achieve pregnancy even if there are physical conditions that can prevent the implantation of the embryo contributing to infertility or miscarriages.

 Homeopathy medicines on varicocele are as follows : 

The homeopathic medicines work at relieving stagnation of blood and help in its recirculation by improving the elasticity of the vein walls.

It helps to reduce pain, control further varicosity, reduces swelling thus improving the temperature of the testicles resulting in a better sperm count.

Homeopathic medicines should preferably be taken in the beginning of varicocele problem itself because the more that one delays the appropriate treatment, the more chronic the problem gets, which then takes longer to treat. 

 frustrated try homeopathy for varicocele. 

There are 45homoeopathy natural medicines which give great relief in varicocele. However, the correct choice and the resulting relief is a matter of experience and right judgment on the part of the homeopathy doctor. The treatment is decided after thorough case taking of the patient. Thus homeopathic remedies of varicocele are tailor made unlike allopathy in which all patients receive the same surgery or drugs although trade name may be different. 

What is Varicocele : 

Varicocele is an abnormal enlargement of the vein that is in the scrotum draining the testicles. It is the varicosity of the pampiniform plexus of the spermatic cord, forming a swelling in the scrotal neck that feels like a €˜bag of worms'. 

Varicocele forms a soft, elastic swelling that can cause pain. It is most common in men between 15 and 25 years of age and affects the left spermatic cord more often than the right. Varicocele is most pronounced and painful in the standing position. 

Varicocele is on the left side in 90 percent of cases, presumably because of venous drainage of the left testes to the left renal vein, causing increased retrograde pressure. 

Varicoceles are sometimes confused with the most common scrotal mass, the hydrocele, which is an over-accumulation of the fluid that is normally found between the two layers of membrane that envelop the testicle. The excess may result from an overproduction or under-absorption of the fluid. Occasionally, the hydrocele is the result of an injury. 

Varicocele is one of the major reasons of male infertility. Varicocele causes significant decrease in the quality and quantity of the sperm. Varicocele is present in approximately 40% of men presenting with infertility.

 Causes of Varicocele

 A varicocele develops when the valve that regulates blood flow from the vein into the main circulatory system becomes damaged or defective. Inefficient blood flow causes enlargement (dilation) of the vein. 

Varicoceles most commonly develop during adolescence when the testes grow dramatically and therefore need more blood delivered to supply the increased need for oxygen and nutrients. 

Since more blood is going into the testes, there is also more blood draining away from them. If the valves are not functioning properly, the extra blood cannot be handled by the veins, and the blood pools in the scrotum. 

Symptoms of Varicocele : 

Symptoms of varicocele depend on the grade of varicocele : 

The lowest grade is asymptomatic and can be picked up only during an ultrasound of the scrotum.

Modest grades of varicocele can cause pain, dragging sensation, uneasiness and may be felt on standing up. These may reduce spontaneously on lying down.

Still higher grades can be seen as a bulge on the affected side of the scrotum and felt as a bag of worms. It may cause a drop in the sperm count of the man and hinder attempts at his partner getting pregnant. 

Diagnosis of Varicocele :

Large varicoceles may be seen with the naked eye. Medium-sized varicoceles may be detected during physical examination by feeling (palpating) the area. A patient suspected of having a varicocele should be examined in the standing position, as a varicocele is more prominent in this position than while lying down. 

Small varicoceles / lowest grade varicoceles may be discovered by a homeopathy doctor using one of the following procedures : 

Doppler ultrasonography uses ultrasound echos to detect the characteristic sound of the backflow of blood through the valve.

Thermography uses infrared sensing technology to detect pockets of heat caused by pooled blood.

Venogram is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia. The physician makes a small puncture in the groin and then injects a special dye into the spermatic vein. The dye in the bloodstream enables the physician to see the anatomy in the vein on x-ray and detect the presence of a very small varicocele

More informations : About disease for Homeopathic treatment contact Dr Harshad Raval MD log in : www.homeopathyonline.in : www.oligospermiatreatment.com

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