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Homeopathic Thyroid Treatment

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Homeopathy is the science founded on the theory that disease is the affliction of the body and may manifest at the level of certain organs. Thus, a good homeopathic thyroid treatment takes into consideration complaints presented together with an individual's genetic structure, emotional and physical aspects.

Homeopathic Thyroid Treatment

Homeopathy is recommended for hypothyroidism cases. This treatment is able to stimulate the production of enough hormones by the thyroid glands especially during its early 2nd to 3rd years. Patients using thyroid supplements for about two years may opt to use homeopathy to check the possibility of tapering thyroid supplement. Homeopathy is not recommended to patients using thyroid supplements for more than 3 years


Hypothyroidism, also called Under Active Thyroid, is defined as a condition where secretion of thyroid hormones in the body is diminished (hypo=less). The thyroid is an endocrine gland situated in the midline and base of the neck. It produces thyroid hormones that are very important in maintaining harmony of various body functions. Thyroid hormones speed up the body's chemical function that has positive influence in both the physical and mental development of an individual. Reduced secretion of these hormones can produce a myriad of symptoms that may vary from one person to another especially of the person's age. The symptoms of hypothyroidism including signs of sleepiness, deafness, hoarseness of voice, excessive tiredness, weight gain, intolerance to cold, dry flaky skin, dry hair, hair loss, body swelling, depression, constipation, etc., are common in women. Thus the search of a homeopathic thyroid treatment is most common among the female gender.

Hypothyroidism is a constitutional disorder affecting multiple body systems that entails a thorough approach to manage it. The low production of thyroid hormone is due to the deficiency of raw materials like dietary iodine, although it is not always the case, it is believed to be caused by a disturbance in the body's immune system where its defense mechanism starts to attack its own organs and tissues.

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