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Home Sleep Tests: Get The Solution For Sleep Apnea

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Home sleep tests have remained the part of many controversies for the past many years. This kind of home sleep idea can be dangerous to a lab. But, it is not true. Rather, this kind of test is suitable for those patients who do not want to come into the sleep lab. Or, patients with no insurance or a large deductible can also fall under this category. Equipment that is used for the home sleep is Respironics Stardust. With the help of this kind of equipment, we can monitor snoring, breathing, heart rate, body position and oxygen level etc.

But with the help of this kind of test, we cannot monitor the stage of sleep of the patient, teeth grinding, bruxism or leg movement caused by restless leg syndrome or any type of heart arrhythmia or periodic limb movement. When you are with no insurance, then home sleep tests are going to cost you half of the full sleep study cost. In that case, many medical companies can give you the privilege of the discount.

In case of sleep apnea, there are different ways to handle it. One of the most common and accurate ways would be to visit sleep lab. And, you can have the best CPAP alternative in that case. In this kind of method, someone will guide you to find out the best pressure after using a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine. In this process, it allows any trained technician to guide you to choose any mask, which is useful for you. The additional benefit is that this kind of testing is done by all those tests that home sleep test has missed. You can also have the option like Auto titrating CPAP, which can be used as the way of titrating a person. In this kind of process, one can use any machine that can adjust the pressure of the machine in every two or three breathes. This kind of testing is performed at home over a period of time. The main disadvantage of this kind of testing is that you need to contact the company in order to solve the issue.

The best CPAP alternative is found to be life saver for any kind of sleep apnea patient. It is not mandatory that patient suffering from sleep apnea can bear a CPAP treatment. You can see many reasons for leaving the treatment at any time:

Discomfort of the mask
Dryness of the nasal or nose congestion
Suffocating feeling
Dryness in mouth
Breathing machine sound
Claustrophobic sensation
You can find many solutions to combat this kind of problem, which are found to be very effective.

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