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Home Remedy Ringing Ears - Natural Home Remedies For Swimmers Ear That You Should Know About

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Home Remedy Ringing Ears

Swimmers' ear is related with the infection of the external ear and also the ear canal. There is an inflammation in the external ear also. Swimmers' ear is also known as otitis externa. Usually the problem of swimmers' ear is caused due to the excess exposure to the water. When our ear remains in water for a long time moisture gets penetrated and the skin and the water resistant layer becomes soft and wrinkled. There are possibilities of the existence of the bacteria and fungi on the surface of the water and it exposed the skin without any harmful effects. But if any one is having break in the skin's normal barrier then the bacteria or virus from the contaminated water enters easily inside the skin and result into swimmers' ear. Home Remedy Ringing Ears

Some of the important symptoms are -

1. Inside the ear there is a feeling of heaviness and stuffiness.
2. Outer ear skin appears to be scaly and sore.
3. Itchy and painful ear.
4. Decreased hearing.
5. Sudden or sharp pain.
6. Sensitivity to the ear movement.
7. Swelling in the lymph nodes or ear on the neck.
8. Noises like buzzing or humming sound felt inside the ear.
9. Milky or yellowish discharge from it.
10. Earwax appears to be soft and white. Home Remedy Ringing Ears

Some of the important causes of the swimmers' ear are cleaning with the help of the cotton buds, sharp finger nails and with any other objects that may rupture the delicate tissue, swimming, bathing, diabetes, entry of the contaminated water into the ear canal, exposure to any infectious organism from swimming pool, infected hair follicle within the ear and also the middle ear infection.

Swimmers' ear can be easily treated with the help of the home remedies. Certain home remedies are very effective for treating swimmers' ear.

1. Make use of hair dryer to evaporate the molecule inside the ear.
2. Warm the baby oil and put inside them with the help of the dropper.
3. Take white vinegar and peroxide in equal quantity and put few drops in the ear with the help of the dropper.
4. Increase the intake of regular and nutritious meal.
5. You should not poke them with any sharp objects.
6. You must apply some oil into them before getting in the pool.
7. Don't swim in dirty or polluted water. Home Remedy Ringing Ears

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