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Home Remedies To Treat Acne - Cheap And Effective Home Remedies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

Because acne has become a common occurrence among teenagers and adults, many dermatologists around the world charge excessively for acne treatment. If you look around for the price ranges of advanced acne treatments, it's not even funny. Treating this condition should not be that expensive.

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Well, you can actually do it on your own by practicing effective home remedies to treat acne. The following steps are generally approved by skin experts and can be safely done at home.

1. Washing your face should be a regular practice. Many people think that only women should do this because of the makeup they use during the day, but it is actually a must for everyone, even men. Anyone who does not wash his face at night increases the likelihood of having acne. Imagine sleeping the night away with dirt and bacteria swimming around your face.

You need to also do this when you get the chance during the day. Say you happen to sneak into the washroom during lunch, then take time to wash your face with water and dry it gently with tissue or a towel.

2. Water up. By now you already know how important water is in your system. Not only does it improve your skin tone, fluids also wash away particles and toxins for a cleaner, healthier skin. If you are an adult, you should at least get ten glasses of water a day.

3. Put pea-sized toothpaste in your forefinger and gently spread it around the affected areas. The cooling effects of toothpaste will demobilize bacteria and will cause acne to shrink a bit. Let it stay there for about thirty minutes to an hour. Then thoroughly wash it all off with water. Do not leave it overnight because toothpaste in the skin spoils over time.

4. Use vitamin E. This particular type of vitamin is popular among skin enthusiasts because of its exfoliating and revitalizing effects. You can purchase vitamin E in lotion or oil form at your local grocery or health stores. Simply apply it directly on the spot and you may even leave it overnight.

Another way to have vitamin E in your system is to take a tablet of vitamin E once a day. Look for popular brands to ensure you're only taking in pure vitamin E with no other fake contents.

5. Simply keep your hands off your face. This is a very basic rule but you are bound to make a mistake unconsciously. It would be best to always arm yourself with alcohol so you can wash your hands with it time and again. Other home remedies to treat acne include not using oily hair products as well as oily make up to lessen oil contact in your face.

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