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Home Remedies for Pneumonia

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 21   |   Comments: 0

Pneumonia can be an extremely serious condition. In the very old, the very young, or people with compromised immune systems, it can be deadly. In an otherwise healthy person pneumonia is less serious, but it still requires that you take special care of yourself to avoid the possible complications that can arise from lack of treatment.

After a diet of raw juices, when the fever subsides, the patient should spend three or four further days on an exclusive fresh fruit diet, taking three meals a day of juicy fruits such as apple, grapes, pineapple, mango, orange, lemon and papaya. Thereafter, he may gradually adopt a well-balanced diet of natural food consisting of seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables and fruits, with emphasis on fresh fruits and raw vegetables.

Turmeric - Take a thick cloth and make four folds of it. Between the third and fourth fold, spread a layer of turmeric. Now mix this turmeric in lukewarm water and sprinkle over the cloth to make it partially wet. Now put this cloth on the chest of the patient, heat a brick and put it over the chest of the patient to stimulate his chest, when the heat from the brick reaches the chest, it would nullify the pneumonia effect. Also take 1 gm of black pepper, five cloves and 1 gm of edible soda. Boil it in 15 ml of water.

Sesame seeds are of great value in the treatment of Pneumonia. In 250 ml water, put 15 gm of sesame seeds. Add 1 tbsp of linseed, a pinch of common salt and a dessertspoon of honey in it. Consume this mixture everyday. It will aid in removing phlegm from the bronchial tubes.

A good healthy all round diet is required to maintain an overall feeling of wellness. It is also advisable to cease tobacco smoking or reduce your contact with it to keep the lungs clean and more able to fight off infection. Also try to avoid as best you can very humid or dusty atmospheres. As particles gathered from such conditions get into the organs very easily and clog up the passageways.

Pneumonia treatment using Parsnip Juice (Mooli)

The juice of parsnip, a root vegetable botanically known as Pastinaca sativa, has been found beneficial in the treatment of pneumonia. The juice of the leaves and root of this plant possess high therapeutic value. The phosphorus and chlorine elements contained therein are of particular benefit to the lungs and the bronchial system, thus making the juice an excellent home remedy for pneumonia. The patient should take 250 ml of juice daily. It is however, essential that only the juice of the cultivated parsnip plant should be used for this purpose.

Brown Rice Cream

Used in cases when a person in a weakened condition needs to be nourished and energized or when the digestive system is impaired. Dry-roast brown rice evenly until all the grains turn a yellowish color. To one part rice, add a small amount of sea salt and 3-6 parts water, then pressure cook for at least 2 hours. Squeeze out the creamy part of the cooked rice gruel through a sanitized cheesecloth. Eat with a small volume of condiment, such as umeboshi plum, gomasio (sesame salt), tekka, kelp, or other seaweed powder.

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