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Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps That Work Effectively

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 5   |   Comments: 0

Cramps can be experienced by anyone  at some point  in their life. These cramp can occur in any skeletal muscle but are most often occur in the back, feet, and hands. People may experience cramps from any number of things such as nutritional deficiency, excessive activity, overworking muscles or no physical activity over a long period of time without any movement.

In some cases of cram, you may experience pain,  weakness, numbness or difficulty  in moving; you may needs medical help fast especially if you think you may suspect a serious injury or illness might have caused cramps. You can try some home treatment, if  you don't suspect a serious injury or illness might have caused cramps.

Here are some home treatments that you can try to get rid of this painful condition:

1. Massage the muscle. When the cramp occurs, try to massage on the area of tension. This is believed to improve the circulation inthe area and alleviate muscle cramping.

2 Healthy diet. Cramps can also be caused due to deficiencies of certain vitamins such as magnesium, calcium and potassium.  Make sure you get enough of essential nutrients that you need.

- Try to eating enough foods containing calcium, magnesium,  and potassium; such as skim milk, cheese, yogurt,  bananas, potatoes, dried peaches, prune juice, pulses, cabbage, pears, corn, tomatoes, sesame seeds and almond. 

- It's best to avoid excess of citrus fruits ( oranges, lemons, limes, and tangerines),  meats , and excess of grains especially wheat, as all of them are deficient in calcium. 

- Multivitamin-mineral supplement may be beneficial to eliminate this problem, but you should consult with a medical doctor to find the correct dosage.

3. Gently Exercise is a good way to get rid of cramps and relax your body as well, probably because it releases endorphins, a chemical in the brain that cause us to have that feel more comfortable. Exercise also help increases circulation that it  improve oxygenation and thereby make a lot of people feel better physically and mentally.

4. Drink eight glasses of water on a daily basis.  Dehydration  can be a trigger body experience cramps. So, it is important to stay well hydrated which may play a role in the cramping.

5. If you experiences mild cramp and self-limiting, may take topical or oral analgesics such as aspirin, acetaminofen or salicylate creams. OTC analgesics are often appropriate and effective for relieve mild to moderate pain.

6. Another method of treatment muscle cramp is to apply  heat pads  to relax the muscles and increases blood circulation to the affected area.

7. You can also take a hot shower or warm bath to relax the muscles of cramp. Allow the hot water to flow over the cramped areas, you will feel relax and will even find relief from muscle pain and soreness.

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