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Home Remedies For Ear Wax Removal - Treat This Problem Naturally

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Many people assume that, ear wax is a dirty substance. It is produced by the wax glands of the ear canal. It is also said that ear wax serves some really important purposes. The very first benefit of the wax in ear is that due to it only the inside of the ear canal gets moistens and thus it prevents from the irritation of the skin. It also protects our ear from any kind of infection as it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Ear Wax is a yellow sticky type of substance and it protects the inner part of the ear from dirt, dust, pollen etc. due to its sticky behavior these types of substances are thus prevented from getting inside the ear. We can remove the Ear Wax easily by the help of natural remedies for wax removal. Some of the common home remedies are given below:

1. Cotton Swabs: One of the most common home remedies is with the help of cotton swabs. Whenever we feel irritation the immediate thing that comes into our mind is the cotton swabs. But this popular home remedy for ear wax removal is not at all safe for at least cleaning your ear from inside of the ear canal. But this home remedy is very much safe for cleaning the outer portion of the ear. When we push the cotton swab deep inside the ear then it pushes the wax further deep into the ear canal and thus cause blockage of the ear canal. Due to this a person may suffer from the problem of puncture of the eardrum.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide: You can also use this home remedy for wax removal as it is an effective remedy. In this process you have to put 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide inside your ear canal for consecutive 3 days. Allow it to remain inside your ear for five minutes and then tilt your head on the other side so that it may come out of your ear. For this process, you may use the tools like bulb syringe to remove the ear wax. But you should not use this hydrogen peroxide for sensitive skin.

3. Paraffin and Mineral Oil: It may be used for removing excess wax. You can apply this paraffin and Mineral Oil after lying down and taking few drops into your ear canal. This is also an effective home remedy for ear wax removal.

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