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Home Remedies For Burns Made From Natural Ingredients

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

When you suffer a burn, it is important to treat it right away. Whether it is sunburn, scald, blister, or just chapped skin, the best way to begin healing is to bring moisture back to the damaged area and allow the body to begin mending itself without the threat of contamination. Home remedies for burns include several useful balms and ointments made from natural products that are very effective. A good antiseptic salve can help a burn heal more quickly and protect you from infection.

When you look for good home remedies for burns, you should find salves or lotions that include herbal ingredients that bring natural relief without harsh or smelly chemicals. Turpentine and liquefied phenol are wonderful agents for keeping a burn site moist and protecting it from dust or other harmful irritations. These ingredients work best when they are mixed in a combination with a blend of paraffin, petrolatum, and cottonseed oil. The paraffin and petrolatum give your balm a thicker consistency that helps it to stay where you need it, and also creates a layer of protection that is difficult to get through for contaminating agents.

You may recognize turpentine as a paint thinner or industrial product, but it also has many healing properties. People around the world have used turpentine medicinally since ancient times. Its inclusion in home remedies for burns is not surprising given its natural antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Ancient mariners carried turpentine as a healing agent when they sailed, and it has been recognized as an effective medicine for abrasions, throat and nasal problems, and small wounds. Traditionally turpentine has been used both internally and externally.

Liquefied phenol is a very powerful agent that penetrates and soaks into the skin incredibly quickly. When it is used as part of a salve for home remedies for burns, it actually enhances the ability of the healing turpentine to sink deeply into the burned area and bring relief more quickly. The use of liquefied phenol allows your home remedy to bring you longer lasting relief, as well, because the medicine will stay in the burned area instead of evaporating or getting rubbed off.

Any salve needs an agent that will keep it malleable and yet give it a good consistency so that it won't just spill off of the burned area. Paraffin has been used as part of the candle making process for years because of its firm yet pliable nature. It is a natural ingredient that allows the salve to maintain the necessary texture without impeding the healing agents within the medication. Home remedies for burns are easy to find and can be used to ease the pain and increase the rate of healing for any type of skin irritation.

Burns should be treated as soon as possible. The most effective treatments include natural ingredients that help your body's natural healing processes without harsh chemicals. Keep the area clean and apply a soothing balm at least twice a day for best results.

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