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Home Remedies for Acne

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Ugly blemishes on the skin formed as an outcome of too much secretion of the sebaceous glands is widely referred to as acne and it is the commonest skin problem faced by teenagers and still adults worldwide. This acne (pimples) come into view in the skin in the form of reddish swellings and continues to remain as an eruption on the outer surface of the skin giving a dull look to the skin itself. The acne so formed typically does not disappear overnight and may take weeks or even months to reduce. There are an extensive variety of acne removal herbal products and acne treatment products obtainable in the market though not all are absolutely effective in their endeavor. But it has frequently been seen that a lot of people favor home made remedies or acne treatments in order to make sure correct treatment and subsequent reduction of the swelling. In such cases, a variety of natural ingredients come handy.

The tea tree oil is a well popular example as it is obtained from a plant which is typically developed in Australia. The tea tree oil has many beneficial properties which aids the decrease of the reddish inflammation caused as an outcome of acne eruption and also significantly helps in preventing dryness of the skin, stinging, itching etc. Tea tree oil is also very beneficial in preventing the outbreak of fungal infections which can affect the skin. Separately from aiding organize of acne the tea tree oil is also very helpful in reducing rashes and other forms of skin irritations. The part of the body which is most generally affected due to the formation of acne is definitely the face. And it is doubtless to admit the truth that acne on the face affects one's external look immensely. Therefore in order to make sure swift eradication of acne from the face, a successful home treatment measure would be to apply a blend or paste of cucumber for about two weeks. Garlic is also very successful as a means for treating acne and can be used at home. Garlic is said to have antibiotic properties which act effectively when rubbed against acne and can decrease swelling. A paste of garlic applied on the face is also one more form of treating acne. In addition, make use of garlic with food is equally helpful against acne formations. Ice packs applied on acne inflammations are very helpful in decreasing the inflammation and a mixture of lemon and rose water can work wonders in facilitating acne treatment.

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