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Home Grown Grapes -Tips For Your Back Garden

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0
Let's find out how;
1) Climate - this is not as restricted as most people think it may be. There are different varieties for almost every climate. The key is to select the correct variety for your location.
There are varieties of grapes for warm climates, cold climates, wet areas, and dry areas. Grapes have been successfully grown in the rainy Pacific Northwest, dry regions of Arizona, New Mexico, and even cold areas like Maine or Nebraska!
Research which variety is suited to your area and you will find a variety that is suitable for you.
2) Soil Type - grapes thrive in loose, deep and well drained soil. The grape vines have extensive root systems and will grow two or more meters deep and can spread almost as wide - ensure loose suitable soil. Roots will stop growing once they reach an overly wet area in the soil, adequate drainage is a must. Roots should easily be able to grow down and outward.

3) Planting Grapes - A sloping site usually helps with drainage, so this can be a helpful start! Some varieties require complete protection and should be kept in a greenhouse. If you require a bigger layout, placing them in a north/southerly direction will provide maximum exposure to sunlight essential for growth, ripening of berries and normal photosynthesis.
Grape vines can also just as easily be grown in suitably sized containers as long as they are watered and fed as required.
The time of year for planting is normally early spring, late February/ early March but this will depend on your own geographical location. Planting areas should be in good condition and free from weeds and stones etc. Certain grapes will have a preference for a particular type of soil makeup and nutrients so research your grape type before planting.
4) Trellising - Your chosen method of trellising should be installed just after planting as this will help train the stems as they grow and help in selecting which are the strongest branches to train to along your trellis. Shoots should be selected from the main stem of the vine which will help produce the framework to eventually produce the grape crop.
5) Pruning And Aftercare - Grape vines will require care, ensure they are properly irrigated and kept weed free. Practice pruning correctly as this will ensure the success of your back garden grapes. Without pruning grape vines will grow out of control and will produce small, lesser quality grapes. During the growing season you will want to continue to selectively prune your grapes and also pay attention to the nutritional needs of your grapes.

Make sure your grapes are getting enough water. You also need to make sure they are getting the right amount of nutrients required from the soil.

If you pay attention to your vines you can learn to recognize symptoms of disease, or lack of certain minerals. You will be able to adjust your care as required.

6) Harvesting Your Back Garden Vineyard - One of the most enjoyable times for any home grower! At last it is time for harvest, selecting the time for harvesting will depend on the purpose you have for your grapes.
The most effective way (and most popular) unsurprisingly is to walk your vineyards and simply taste your grapes to find out if they are ripe enough to harvest.

7) Enjoy Your Back Garden Vineyard For Years To Come !

Ever Dreamt Of Your Own Vineyard?
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