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Home Cures For Acne - How To Treat Acne With Tomatoes

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

Treating acne naturally is becoming more popular as people are getting fed up with the over-hyped promises and the poor results many chemically based treatments give, not to mention the continual cost of using those treatments.

This is why many people are reverting back to the methods used before pharmacy products became the popular way of treatment acne and one such natural remedy is the use of tomatoes.

What are the benefits of Tomatoes?

The humble tomato is probably the healthiest of any of our fruits and vegetables and this is mainly down to it containing, amongst many other things, a high concentration of a vital anti-oxidant called Lycopene. However, when used to treat acne the main benefits of tomatoes are the cooling elements it contains that soothe raw skin, natural astringents that help remove the excess of oils and Vitamin A and C that both revitalize the skin.

What are the best ways to use Tomatoes when treating acne?

Apart from incorporating a good supply of tomatoes into your diet tomatoes are used directly on the affected areas of skin. The two ways of doing this are to use pulped tomatoes as a base for a face mask or the tomato juice as an astringent.

Here are some recipes that you may want to try:

  • Basic Tomato Face Mask - Simply remove and discard the seeds and skin from a tomato. Pulp the tomato and apply to your face. After an hour or more, rinse off with warm water, pat dry and moisturize. Repeat every day until your acne clears.
  • Tomato and Avocado Face Mask - Avocado contains antiseptic and moisturizing properties so when combined with tomatoes makes for an extremely effective face mask. Prepare by combining mashed avocado with the basic tomato mask recipe. Apply for 30 minutes to an hour and then rinse off.
  • Tomato and Yoghurt Face Mask - This is not only beneficial to those who are suffering from acne but anyone who has sunburn or raw and itchy skin. The tomato's cooling effect combined with the yogurt's protein boost leaves the skin cooled and softened. Crush half a tomato with two teaspoons of UNSWEETENED natural yoghurt, mix well and apply. Rinse off with warm water after about 30 minutes.
  • Quick Tomato Treatment - Sometimes, time may be against you and you haven't the time to make and use a face mask. Don't miss out on treatment! Simply cut a tomato in half and rub it on your face in a circular motion, concentrating on blackheads and cysts, then rinse and moisturize.
  • Tomato and Lime Lotion - Add together a tablespoon of tomato juice and 3 drops of lime juice apply to your face or other affected area with a cotton pad. After 15 minutes rinse your face with warm water and moisturize.
  • Tomato and Honey - Simply mix tomato juice and honey together and apply to your skin. After 15 minutes rinse thoroughly. Honey contains pantothenic acid which is used affective in treating acne vulgaris, it is also a natural moisturizer and has superb healing qualities so is naturally an excellent partner for the tomato when treating skin complaints.

So next time you visit your local grocer or supermarket get a few extra tomatoes and try out some of these recipes and you'll be amazed how beneficial they will be.

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