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Hide Your Affiliate Links From Commission Thieves With This Powerful Free Software Package

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

Looking for a quick, easy way to hide your affiliate links? Look no further

If you are an affiliate marketer you have no doubt heard that you should hide your affiliate links to protect your profit. Hiding your links can be done for free provided that you understand code. Another option is to hire someone from one of the freelance sites to do the coding for you.

Either way you're going to have to make an investment of time, money or both. Suppose that I could present you with another option, an option that requires mere minutes on your part and no cash at all?

By hiding your affiliate links with Cloak 'n't Rotate your affiliate commissions will be safe from thieves. I'm willing to lay out real hard earned cash just based on the ease of use of this product but it is so much more. You will be hard pressed to find the following benefits in a high dollar link cloaker much less a free one.

* Security Tighter Than Fort Knox
There are many products on the market that will hide your affiliate links but anyone with decent web knowledge will still be able to discover them. Cloak 'n't Rotate puts a stop to commission bandits by encrypting your links making them completely safe. This encryption stops your competitors from spying on you as well.

Cloak 'n't Rotate takes the security to a new level by instantly creating encrypted redirect pages that ensure that your hidden links stay completely hidden.
* Maximize Profit
As internet marketers we understand that by selling more products we earn more profit but many resist selling a large number of products because of the volume of work involved. Cloak 'n't Rotate takes away effort by allowing you to rotate up to 20 products from one page. This allows you to test multiple products simultaneously and save huge amounts of time. The days of setting up multiple pages for multiple products and sending traffic to them individually is over. Set up your products and send traffic to one page only. The process that used to take weeks is reduced to days.
* Organization to Make Your Life Easier
Organization in any business makes life much easier and the process run much more smoothly. Cloak 'n't Rotate gives you the ability to keep all of your links in one easy to find highly organized place. With this kind of organization just a few mouse clicks are all it takes to set a campaign in motion.
* Get a Bigger Profit From Joint Ventures
As we all know in the internet marketing world joint ventures can be a huge profit. The problem is that we often cannot involve ourselves in more than a few due to the work involved. If one joint venture means profit what would 10 or more mean? Let Cloak 'n't Rotate automate the process for you. The product rotation feature will allow you to rotate up to 20 sales pages for your joint venture partners at one time. Now you will not have to be afraid to take on more than a few joint ventures at one time.
* Tracking the Easy Way
Just as internet marketers understand that joint ventures are a great way to make money they understand that they must track all of their ads, links, and products to ensure that they are on top of the trends and are only promoting high conversion products. The integrated control panel in Cloak 'n't Rotate gives you the ability to view click stats in real time taking the guess work out of tracking and the struggle out of managing tracking codes.
* Easy Installation
Cloak 'n't Rotate does not use a database so there is no fiddling with MySQL involved. All you have to do is upload the package and you are ready to start making some money.

If you want to hide your affiliate links, and I think that you should there is no better product on the market than Cloak 'n't Rotate. Take a look at the benefits, top notch security, product rotation, time saving organization, enhanced JV profits, simple tracking, and easy installation. These benefits alone would sell me regardless of the price but when you add in the fact that it's free€¦I was all over it. I have my copy and it is wonderful. You should give it a try as well€¦what do you have to lose?

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