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Herbs and Herbal Supplements for Fertility

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 28   |   Comments: 0

Over the last several decades the rise in infertility rates among men has prompted medical experts to look for the causes. Men's sperm counts have dropped dramatically and some experts fear an even greater decline in fertility in the future. One theory for this reduction is the over-exposure to estrogen and estrogen-like substances. These are found in pesticides, meat and dairy products, and even our water sources. This estrogen causes a reduction in testosterone production and overall sperm count.

To counter this assault on male fertility there are some herbal choices that may offer help. Herbal treatments are most successful for fertility issues caused by hormonal problems or weak sperm, as opposed to those involving structural problems such as a blocked sperm duct. Prescription drugs have shown promise in treating fertility but often lead to other complications, requiring additional drugs to counter these.

Testosterone is necessary to manufacture healthy sperm in adequate amounts to support fertility. Unfortunately, testosterone levels peak in late teens to early twenties and then gradually decline after that, sometimes as low as 20% by age 80. Even more troubling is the finding that testosterone levels have dropped world-wide since the 1940s, with some figures showing as much as a 50% drop. Ginseng has research-based support for its testosterone boosting properties. Ginseng has also been reported to increase the duration and firmness of erection. The overall health boosting benefit of ginseng is an added bonus.
Medicinal Herbs That Might

Be helpful in Increasing Fertility in Males

The African herb pygeum, the Indian herb ashwaganda, and the Chinese herb fo-ti are all potential testosterone boosting herbs that have been shown to increase sperm counts and overall sperm €œstrength. Pygeum is an evergreen tree found in the higher elevations of some regions of Africa. An extract from the bark has been found to help in cases of infertility where lower prostatic secretions are responsible. Pygeum helps by increasing these prostatic secretions. Pygeum has also been shown to support the health of the testes and the seminal vesicles which produce and house the sperm. The ashwaganda root is an ancient Indian sexual tonic for infertility and the Chinese have used fo-ti for centuries to increase sperm count. Even the common household herb ginger has some promise as a testosterone and sperm count boosting agent.

Another herb with ancient roots and modern scientific support is tongkat ali. It was used as an herbal aphrodisiac first and recently has been studied for its effect on male fertility. Through an increase in the body's testosterone production tongkat ali helps to combat infertility by increasing libido, boosting sperm count, and protecting the health of the sex organs.
A few other herbs have also been shown to support fertility and sexual function. dong quai is an herb that has been shown beneficial to both males and females in fertility treatment. Through blood purification this herb will help maintain healthy blood flow to the reproductive organs. Astragalus extract may help stimulate sperm motility. Saw palmetto may not boost production of testosterone but it supports the prostate to release more testosterone. Sarsparilla supports the production of anabolic hormones, one of which is testosterone. It also supports nerve tissue which is sometimes an issue in infertility.

The Use Of Herbal Supplements To Increase Fertility

Herbal remedies and supplements for infertility are not guaranteed to work. Each person will be affected by the herbs, and their active compounds, differently. The major benefit of most herbal treatments is the lack of side effects associated with them. It is still important to check for any cautions or drug interactions when starting on any herbal supplement. It is also important to be patient and allow the herbs time to work.

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