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Herbal Treatment For ADHD - Get The Facts First Before Deciding

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 32   |   Comments: 0

Getting your facts right about herbal treatment for ADHD is just as important as being up to speed on all the side effects of amphetamine like medications.  Everybody is well aware of the side effects of  drugs like Ritalin and Adderall but are they aware that certain herbs used to treat ADHD could have adverse side effects too?

This is why it is so important to look for a professional opinion and also ask what particular herb could be useful for your child, given his or her  problems. You could also mention what particular allergies he has and what the problems are associated with his ADHD. For example, hyperactivity and restlessness may be the main issue. Other children really have a hard time trying to focus and pay attention and stay on task for any length of reasonable time.

The main herbal treatment for ADHD used can be a combination of one or several of the following herbs which have been proven over time to help with all the classic symptoms such as restlssness and fidgeting and of course hyperactivity. Some of these herbs can also really help to calm  a child down. The main ones used now are :-

  • spirulina
  • l-theanine
  • skullcap
  • pycnogenol
  • gingko biloba
  • ginseng

Then there are other considerations you have to keep in mind. There are a lot of herbal supplement manufacturers who are flying under the radar it seems and there is little or no control about the actual processing or even what the provenance of the herbs is. Are these ingredients pure and what procedures are in place so that purity is absolutely guaranteed every time? Look for the following before you buy any herbal treatment for ADHD.

Look for the following :-

 *  is the company under any sort of FDA regulation or inspection? Some facilities are approved and actually regulated by the FDA although they do not make any pronouncements on the actual efficacy of herbal treatments.

 *make sure that they are following the GMP practices. Any company which is will state this very clearly as they have to go through rigorous inspections procedures before they get that seal of approval.

* what guarantees are offered?  I know one company which can offer up to a year's guarantee so that you could even get your money back after all that time just in case you were dissatisfied with the product or the company's services.

* make sure that  each batch has a  COA (Certificate of Analysis) or some similar process which guarantees the purity of the actual ingredients.

 These then  are just some of the things to look for when  you want to opt for herbal treatment for ADHD. Knowing a little beforehand will help you choose a treatment which will really benefit your child and help him or her to grow up happy and balanced.

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