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Hemorrhoids Itching Treatment - Prevent It From Getting Worse

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 33   |   Comments: 0

Hemorrhoid is a disease or abnormally found within the rectal or anal area. It is a condition characterized by the presence of masses due to the inflammation of blood vessels. It is common among men and women ages 45 to 65 years old.

A person suffering from hemorrhoids experiences bleeding, pain, burning sensation, passing mucus, bulging in the rectal area accompanied by itching, which really makes the sufferer feel irritated.

Though itching can be relieved by scratching, yet, the displeasure can't sometimes be avoided especially if the itch comes within the rectal area.  That is why we are given choices to stop it and take initiative to engage ourselves in hemorrhoids itching treatment.

Itching linked with hemorrhoids is caused by a lot of factors. The most common and well known is chronic constipation, as well as prolonged sitting. It is also linked to inadequate fiber intake and loss of muscle tone within the rectal or anal area.

Furthermore, it is believed that hemorrhoids sometimes run within the bloodline and considered as familial disease.  Straining can also be a cause of hemorrhoids that's why pregnancy can lead to its occurrence.

There are several things that are helpful and needed to be accomplished in order to manage this disease. Hemorrhoids itching treatments are offered to sufferers to lessen the burden and irritation they normally experience.

Hemorrhoids itching treatment includes the following:

1. Soak pads with witch hazel. It aids in the itchiness and burning sensation felt by a person suffering from hemorrhoids.

2. Fruit such as pears, apple and peaches accompanied by prune juice are rich in fiber and help in increasing moisture of stool.

3. Sitz bath done within 15 minutes relieves itch and at the same time reduce swelling.

4. Frozen probes and ice packs placed within the anus eliminate itchiness and lessen swelling.

5. Avoid scratching especially if it's very itchy because it can damage vein walls and further complicate the situation.

6. Drinking 8 or more cups of water a day helps in preventing drying out of stool.

7. Bulk forming fibers must be taken up for easy bowel movement, thus prevents straining and softens stool.

8. Walking and frequent movement prevents having pressure in the rectal area.

9. White oak is good to stop bleeding and lessen swollen tissues.

10. Drugs are available to aid in the itching and with the disease itself. This includes local analgesics, astringents, corticosteroids, vasoconstrictors, protectants and antiseptics.

Hemorrhoids itching treatments are offered whether naturally or with the use of medicines. What is important, we are aware of the existence of the problem and knowledgeable enough of the things to do if we are faced with this problem.

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