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Hemorrhoid Removal - Can it Give You Relief From Hemorrhoid?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 26   |   Comments: 0

 Internal and external hemorrhoids are caused by the kind of food we eat and the lifestyle we lead. More and more people are suffering from hemorrhoids which greatly affect their lifestyle and work. Different treatments and remedies promise to help relieve and cure hemorrhoids but only hemorrhoids removal can give immediate result. Here are some methods on how hemorrhoids can be removed: 

Rubber band ligation

This method is by far the most popular choice among patients especially in removing external hemorrhoids. A skilled doctor performs the procedure by placing a small elastic band around the base of the hemorrhoid which causes it to shrink. The band cuts off the circulation and the hemorrhoid will wither away after a few weeks. Mild pain, feeling of tightness, bleeding, and infection are often experienced by patients after the treatment but these can be easily remedied by a sitz bath. 


If you have large protruding external hemorrhoids or internal hemorrhoids that rubber band ligation failed to remove, a hemorrhoidectomy is your last resort.  This procedure is done by a surgeon wherein he or she cuts a narrow incision around the internal and external hemorrhoids and remove the affected blood vessels. This method is very effective and painful that's why it requires general anesthesia and narcotic analgesics after the operation. Complete rest and a hemorrhoid diet is a must after the operation and patients are advised not to lift heavy objects nor go to work for a week to allow the body to heal. 


The latest alternative to treating hemorrhoids is through staples or hemorrhoidopexy. This method is best for treating bleeding and internal hemorrhoids which are usually more painful and difficult to remedy compared with external hemorrhoids. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a stapling device to anchor the hemorrhoids in their normal position. It is performed under general anesthesia but has minor side effects and guarantee faster recovery compared to rubber band ligation.  


Laser is a widely used device in treating different diseases including hemorrhoids. Surgeons use laser to destroy tissues and then seal the blood vessels to allow them to heal naturally. The use of laser also makes the whole surgery almost painless, easy, and précise. However, laser surgery will cost you more compared with other treatments.

Hemorrhoid removal is the best procedure for treating internal and external hemorrhoids. Ligation, hemorrhoidectomy, staples, and laser are available to help you remove those hemorrhoids out of your body. Visit your doctor and try to find out which is best for you.

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