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Hemorrhoid - How it Comes About and How to Treat it

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

Hemorrhoids, also otherwise known as piles, is a topic that many people avoid discussing. Perhaps there is an embarrassing connotation to it. However, millions of people suffer from this irritating illness. You know you are suffering from hemorrhoids when you feel painful discomfort near the end of your anus. This aweful feeling is often described as stinging and itching.

People who are victoms of hemorrhoids usually just suffer by themselves. The symptoms consist of redness at the end of the anus area, and it causes a little itchiness and pain - but not to the extent of impairing the victim from performing his or her daily tasks. These symptoms can be found internally or externally.

There are lots of rumors flying around about the actual causes of hemorrhoids. That is because the medical community hasn't been able to figure out the exact causes of a hemorrhoid. Some say that they are caused by constipation, while others say that dehydration causes hemorrhoids. While we don't know for sure what really causes hemorrhoids, one thing that we can be certain about is that it sure feels uncomfortable!

In general, there are three ways to perform hemorrhoid treatment.

1) Physical movements.

Many people who suffer from hemorrhoids, who claim that by adjusting their posture, they can relieve some pain. For instance, by putting their legs up when performing a bowel movement, they realize that they feel less discomfort as the bowels flow more easily through and out of their system. But doing so is only a temporary relieve.

2) Changing your diet.

Some people realize that changing your diet to include more fiber will help relieve hemorrhoids. This stems from the idea that hemorrhoids are caused by constipation. As fiber helps cure constipation, the belief is that it may aide in the removal of hemorrhoids as well. For the same reason, drinking more water may also work.

3) Taking or applying medication.

Medication can be taken orally, or applied externally. Such medication can give you instant relief. The problem is, when the effect wears off, the victim will start to feel the same discomfort all over again. When applying any medication, especially oral medication, make sure you seek professional medical advice. If you suffer from allergies, it's even more important that you make an appointment with a certified doctor.

Other forms of hemorrhoid treatment include home remedies such as drinking apple cider vinegar, or using aloe vera gel. It's interesting to note that different treatments affect people in different ways. Some have complained about developing rashes, while others have said that they experienced immediate relief.

If you are thinking of trying out a home remedy, be prepared to experience surprising results. At the end of the day, stick to a hemorrhoid treatment that gives you results.

Finally, know that hemorrhoids is no cause for worry. In most cases, they heal by themselves. Of course, that doesn't stop hemorrhoids from coming back again. It's completely normal for a hemorrhoid to come and go on a regular basis, even when you choose to do nothing about it. The best solution is to live an active and healthy lifestyle, and you have the best chances of keeping hemorrhoids at bay.

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