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Help For My ADHD Child - Facts And FAQs

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 14   |   Comments: 0

When parents ask about 'help for my ADHD child', especially in the area of learning, they are often unaware that the best possible way to help the kids to learn, rather than providing the answers on a plate, is to help them on a path of discovery. Did you know that there is now ADHD software available for ADHD kids and that will help them to become autonomous and not having to rely on their parents to practically do their homework for them. It also gives parents a welcome break.

'Help for my ADHD child' is often sought when it comes to homework. Given that there are difficulties, it may be wise to draw up a homework contract and that could easily be done for older children. It is has one great advantage in that it gets rid of parents' nagging, bribing and even threatening.

There can be an agreement to show work to the parent and a set time to do this. The parent promises to help when asked and the child agrees to show all the comments from his teacher. Rewards and consequences are agreed by both parties. For the older ADHD child, it is a great way of showing that he can and does take responsibility for his actions.

Often 'help for my ADHD child' is sought in the ares of medication. Given that prescriptions for Vyvanse rose by over 100% compared to last year's figures parents might well think that the psychostimulant drugs such as Vyvanse are the answer to all their ADHD prayers. It would be great if that were true and everybody could breathe a sigh of relief and relax. The bad news is that there is so much controversy surrounding these mind altering psychostimulant drugs that thousands of parents are seeking alternatives.

Taking a drug like this seems to be what helps with ADHD, in that it actually does reduce some of the symptoms of hyperactivity and restlessness and even improves attention span at school so that grades start to improve. But of course the other side of the coin is not so attractive. Side effects such as appetite problems, suicidal thoughts, depression and irritability means that the child's character seems to have changed.

That is why parents often ask about 'help for my ADHD child' when they want to find a solution which will help their child, rather than hinder him and create a whole range of new problems. That is why thousands of parents are discovering to their delight that an ADHD homeopathic remedy is what helps with ADHD. Are there any side effects and are there any health risks? You can find out by clicking on the link below and you will be pleasantly surprised

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