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Heat Surge Review -- Save on Heating?

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 97   |   Comments: 0

Heat Surge Review:

The Heat Surge electic roll and glow fireplace is a really unique product to review, particularly because the product is Amish built. The Amish are known for the sort of craftsmanship that the old world offered, and in a world of foreign goods where cutting corners and cheapening products in order to better the bottom line. The whole Wall Street mentality has unfortunately built us a product production line that does not intend to serve the user for a long period.

Okay, so back to the Amish. Let's hope after a little research that we maintain our respect for their craftsmanship. The idea of the fireplace is to cut down on heating costs. We all know that our place in time is a dicey one financially, and that there may be a few years between now and the "good years." That said, saving money is a good thing. And heating bills are a fortune. So the Amish electric fireplace is built with that in mind -- efficient heating that is mobile. The device functions as a fireplace that literally can be rolled around and placed where you want, considering aesthetics and convenience.

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The mantle of the Heat Surge is of real wood, and the look of the device, to my eyes, seems very appealing. I would consider it a traditional look that marries well with most contemporary home designs. If you have an ultra modern home, the look may not fit. This is something to definitely keep in mind, particularly if you have interior design plans in the future.

As for the heating mechanism, the wattage is relatively low, so it will not cost you a fortune to run. In fact, it is designed to be efficient relative to gas bills and such. The device does come with a warranty, and a 30 day money back guarantee, so taking a chance on the item may be worth it for those of you on the fence. (That said, I have not dug into the terms of the warranty. Please address these before purchase.)

All in all, the early reviews (the product is basically brand new) have been positive, and the two speed settings of 750 and 1500 watts seems like a pretty good way to quickly warm up a room without burning too much money.

I hope this helps introduce the product to you. Best of luck keeping warm this winter!

Visit the Official Heat Surge Site!

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