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Healing Sound for a Healthy State of Being

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 8   |   Comments: 0

Healing sound vibrations are all around us in the natural world. The songs of birds fill forests; their orchestrations can raise our spirits and some say, our energetic vibrations. Near the sea, the sound of the deep rolling tide can be very relaxing and trance-like. The creek that leads to the ocean tickles our ears with another healing sensation of bubbly tranquility.

Music can also carry healing vibrations and some say that there are sounds and frequencies that can heal the various parts of our bodies. Most of us notice a feeling of expansion and joy when we hear music that we love. This may be sound vibration healing at its most basic level.

The Benefits of music therapy and sound healing can be profound. Expression and the release of emotion, relaxation, feeling good - and even bonding and human connection are all excellent benefits of healing sound.

When we relax and feel good, the body's natural ability to heal itself is heightened. (Healing has a better chance of taking root.) Relaxation and de-stressing are a crucial part of healing.

One Interesting Theory behind healing with sound is that various parts of our bodies actually emit sound frequencies. When we are not well, these frequencies can lose their €œharmonic balance. Because we are all made up of quantum energy at the deepest level, the energy of sound for healing is said to affect us on the level of energy and these frequencies.

Researchers have proven that sound affects the brain and nervous system. Although with some new sound energy healing like harmonics and sound frequency therapy, the proof is not out yet.

The Healing Power of Sound includes traditional music therapy. Music therapists help people in many ways. They assist people with mental and physical challenges and they are recognized in the healthcare field.

There are many new and different emerging sound therapies and approaches. Harmonics and sound therapy (also called vibrational therapy), are relatively new areas. Therapists say that harmonics change what is called €œfrequency resonance. That is, the frequency output of each person. Yet, sound therapy does not offer the same kind of regulated training as music therapy.

Mantras and chanting are also considered €œtoning sound healing. They can create a very spiritual experience. They can be practiced in a spiritual group or alone. They can help raise your inner vibration and give voice to different types of emotion and expression. Chanting can also be extremely calming, because it grounds you in the now.

Crystal and Tibetan bowls, also called €œsinging bowls, are another fascinating type of healing through sound. Tibetan healing sounds, for example, are said to break up unhelpful frequencies within our bodies and restore balance. The rim of the bowl is tapped gently and a beautiful sound resonates out of the bowl.

I was once in a spiritual circle in which a priest used a crystal bowl. As he approached everyone in the circle, he blessed everyone individually from head to toe with the frequency emitted from the crystal. It was a beautiful healing experience.

I believe that vibrational sound healing can be extremely beneficial. We are given many ways to harness healing sound magic. Just as different music gives joy to different people, different sound therapies may give us choice as to what approach best suits us.

May you find your own magic with healing sound and may it enrich your life with health and well being.

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