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Head lice home remedies

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 17   |   Comments: 0

Head lice home remedies

Head lice natural remedies, what is it?

Although, these animals can be infested with a different type of lice, lice from birds or other mammals are also different from the human. Removal is given extra care to avoid harming the eye. Body lice provide as sources of individual pathogens. It can be easily acquired when two bodies touched each other. A lesser amount of body lice is known in the United States. The head lice and body lice look almost the same.

Lice combs:

These pests lay eggs which is often called "nits". In general, a few living lice, lesser than a dozen, infest a person. Some can be transferred from clothing or other paraphernalia of the person infested if they get into contact with it. About more than a 100 eggs are produced by the female louse with a rate of six eggs in one day. It looks reddish-brown in color after feeding but normally grayish white, while the nits have clear or white color.

Lice a little history:

It may have come mainly from Africa to Asia and after that consequently to the New World. Most likely head lice exist only when a person gets in close contact with another individual. Approximately 6-12 million public, mostly children, are given treatment every year for in the United States.


All sensible attempts should be searched in identifying the reasons of these irritations and to classify the responsible living thing on the scalp or body. Some are seen behind the ears. The hair should be combed section by section, until the whole scalp has been checked and carefully observe.This is by slightly parting the hair a few centimeters of space and try to look for a live louse clinging to the hair near the scalp, also the areas of the ears and the neck, in particular. Other people believed that they are infested even without seeing or capturing a single louse.

Lice treatment

The doctor may advise you to use the nit comb to removed theses nits. He will ask you to repeat the treatment in a week or two just to make sure that there are no more nits left behind. Ask the pharmacist or the staff in charge if the medicine you are using contains "lindane". Leaving nits can still cause re-infestation.

Head lice:

Nurses in school are normally the best performers in finding signs of infestation. Any child with it should stay at home to keep him/her from spreading. Look for some mild skin cleansers that are free of pesticide, it may be effective and safer to use. Out of the six hundred samples of supposed lice and nits that were submitted to be examined, lesser than two-thirds contained proof of infestation. Check your children's hair everyday to see if there are nits still present. Planning coherent policies is very precious thus all concerned parents, nurses and school officials cooperate from it.

Head lice prevention:

Treating it is really hard. Early detection of infestation minimizes its spread from one person to another. It is important to educate the children to stay away from head lice. If after treating the head twice and you still find some, try changing the medication and repeat the procedure for treatment. Always check the child's head using a nit comb.

Head lice natural remedies:

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