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Handyman tips-food blenders or "liquidizers" how do they work

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 60   |   Comments: 0

we cannot do without the trusted "blender" in the kitchen-from "liquidizing" fruit,tomatoes,ice cubes,spices,peppers,
you name it the list is endless.
Blades inside the blender rotate at high speeds once the lid is attached to the base and locked on only the will the machine
allow you nto switch it on-without deploying this unique safety feature it will not switch on.
The speed dial selector is then rotated to the desired liquidizing speed.
Some blenders are self cleaning but if not this is a reltively easy process;pour water and soap or vinegar into the machine
the press the "pulse" button this gives short bursts of power to te blender for about 5 seconds intervals.If you do not
hav this feature then just press on for about 5 seconds at a time.After cleaning wipe with a soft cloth taking care not
to touch the blades.
1.do not remove the lid before the motor has stopped
2.do not run the blender empty-always have something in the blender
3.never run the motor under water
4.make sure the lid is on tight before you start the machine.
5.never leave unattended when the machine is plugged in.


unable to select two speeds,only one speed works

faulty speed control switch-refer to manual or have it serviced

blades do not rotate

1.faulty motor-have it serviced
2.cutter shaft sticking-remove jug turn upside down and spray maintenance spray over the blades.
3.gone above the maximum level-remove sone of the contents of the jug and try again.

not liquidizing fast enough

blunt blades-have the blades replaces -these cannot be sharpened.

blender not working

1.faulty motor-have the motor checked
2.faulty switch-have it serviced
3.broken jug locking tabs-check under the jug to make sure that the little tabs at the base are all intact if one ore
more are broken then you will need to replace the jug

more handy tips at www.handymantips.co.uk

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