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Green Hosting and Wind Powered Hosting

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0
The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate. In just 5 years time, some experts predict that the pollution caused by the hosting industry can be as much as the airline industry. In other words, the hosting industry is not eco-friendly. It is causing damage and harm to our environment.

Everyday, in our daily lives, we log on to the Internet without an idea of what happens in the backend. Every website that we visit is hosted on a web server. A web server is a computer that sits inside a data center. Data centers provide the power and the infrastructure to keep these servers online 24/7. Sophisticated equipment are deployed to ensure that power is constantly being supplied to the servers, even if there is a power failure. Such fail-safe features are essential in a data center because many servers are used to host enterprise applications and sites, which are mission critical.

But the question is, what is providing the power behind these data centers? The Internet is evolving at an amazing rate, and some people are starting to be alarmed by the immense amount of power that the data centers consumed. These data centers are powered by traditional power sources - oil and gas. The problem with using oil and gas as a power source is that such energy sources are finite, and they cause severe damage to the environment in the long run.

Therefore, many major data centers are turning to renewable sources of energy such as Wind and Solar power. In fact, some hosting companies even go as far as calling themselves green companies. That is tantamount to saying that everything that they do about their business is going to be eco-friendly. Being eco-friendly doesn't stop at just using renewable energy sources. It has to start from the "inside" on the organization. It doesn't make sense to claim that the company is being environmentally friendly, but in the company, the organization is really wasting tons of paper each year.

Many different measures have been put in place to align business goals with the environment. For instance, telecommuting can amount to emitting harmful gases into the environment. So staff are given special permission to work from home or use shared office spaces so that telecommuting is cut down to the minimum. A paper management system is also put in place to ensure that there is no unnecessary wastage of paper. Paper wastage can speed up the decline of trees, which is never good for the environment since trees can help in protecting the environment.

As a consumer, you can help by supporting green hosting companies. These are companies that take the extra effort to migrate their shared and reseller servers into green data centers. The features and pricing of your hosting plans are never affected due to the green movement. Everything happens at the backend. But if you support green hosting companies, you would have acquired peace of mind, knowing that you are playing your part when it comes to protecting the environment.

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