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Great Business Cards - 6 Reasons You Need A Great Business Card

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

For many entrepreneurs, business cards are an overlooked, under-exploited, and grossly underrated marketing tool.

But they're making a comeback! (And for so many great reasons.)

If yours isn't a critical component of your marketing arsenal right now, here are 6 reasons it should be... and why a great business card can do so much more for you than a mediocre one.

1. They're inexpensive - That's right. Business cards are one of the most inexpensive, cost-effective marketing tools you've got. That means they're capable of delivering incredible return on investment. At just pennies a piece why have a weak one, when a great business card can deliver many times the response?

2. Ultimate Versatility - Give them to anyone. Attach them to anything. Use them in countless high impact situations. They can cater to new prospects, current customers, or referral sources, and they can vary for whatever particular promotion you need them for. Compare that to most ads that run once, in one place, and they're done for good.

3. They're portable - Business cards are a marketing tool that you can carry around with you everywhere you go. And frankly, you never know when the next golden opportunity will present itself where it will serve as your first impression and reminder. A great business card gets the job done in this situation. A weak one gets thrown into a pocket where it's quickly forgotten.

4. No red tape. No commitments - Let's face it. Most marketing mediums require a lot of red tape - like sales agents, deadlines, contracts, and a host of other things most business owners prefer not to deal with. Business cards on the other hand couldn't be more flexible or commitment free.

5. Staying Power - How many people do you know that keep ads and put them away for safe keeping? Not many. How many people do you know that hold on to great business cards, or stash them safely in a book for future recall? A weak card may get lost or forgotten, but a memorable one has a tremendous amount of staying power and can generate business for you years after you give it out.

6. Referrals. Referrals. Referrals. - You'd be amazed how many great ways your business card can be used to generate referrals. Plus, it's super easy for your current customers, business associates and referral sources to transfer your card to someone who needs it. But that doesn't mean they will. A great business card gives your recipients a reason or incentive to share it with others, or it's original or compelling enough that they share it with friends and associates anyway.

Any way you slice it, there's no reason to walk around with a weak or ineffective card in your wallet. A great business card makes a bigger impression, is remembered longer, and gets more people to use it... or share it!

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