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GPS Technology for Pilots and Athletes

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 55   |   Comments: 0

In recent days, hikers, boaters, trekkers, drivers, and pilots use GPS technology. Garmin has bought GPS units for pilots, long back. This technology enabled them to know the location, where they are flying.

However, GPS units used by pilots have pilot friendly features.  They contain inbuilt record book, which tracks their flying hours. They automatically blink the departure as well as arrival locations. They offer extended airstrip centerlines that help the pilot to take off and land down at runway. They also include the U.S. catalog of airway obstacles that allow the pilots to visualize and prevent high-rise hazards in their flying paths.

Garmin, the maestro in GPS technology has recently invented Garmin GPS flight (GPSmap 196), which works as a panel. It has a grey scale big screen, contains detailed map, uploaded with steering guidance and have hordes of several pilot friendly functions.

The steering guidance of Garmin GPS flight is viewable through the graphic Horizontal Situation Indicator (HIS) and (Vertical Navigation) VNAV indicator. Garmin GPS flight offers full view of vertical as well as horizontal airway.

Apart from this, Garmin has also bought Garmin forerunners, which are for sport purposes to give accurate distance, time and details of altitude, pace to the roadrunners as well as to triathletes, while racing.  Garmin forerunners include GPS and they exist in several ranges such as Garmin forerunner 101, 201, 202, 301, 205, 305 and 50.

The 202, 305, 205 and 301 models comprise of a docking station as well as software that tracks the points. Individuals may install the software in a computer, wherein they can see the race map. It also records the heartbeats, which can also be seen on the computer.

Garmin GPS Sport:

Garmin GPS sport is available for bikers and cyclists to help them achieve their personal best records. It is rugged, user friendly, and stemmed to the handlebars of a bike. Users can simply turn it on, and let the GPS do the work. It will show the speed of the biker, distance covered, altitude, calories burned, records data and time.

Garmin GPS sport also tracks the heartbeat, climbing levels, descent and cadence. Thus, Garmin GPS sport utilities prepare the athletes for any sports event.

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