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Got Goat's Milk? You Should!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 16   |   Comments: 0

We stumbled upon Goat's Milk Soap and lotion completely by accident. As a sufferer of sensitive skin (I cannot use certain detergents, lotions and perfumes) I can tell you that I have tried every one of our soaps. While I prefer the ones with little fragrance, I have had no allergic reactions to any of them. They moisturize my skin and my husband and son even became converts; they swear by it and threw their "deoderant" bars in the trash! The Green Tea soap and Tea Tree soap are very masculine smelling. The man in your house will love them both.

While the federal government forbids anyone to make any health claims about their soap or beauty products, we can tell you, generally speaking, that goat's milk soap is highly sought after for it's legendary skin-healing and moisturizing properties. We encourage you to look up the ingredients in Nee Nee's Soap Shop (http://www.NeeNeesSoapShop2.blogspot.com ) and learn the wonderful benefits of each for yourself.

Goat's milk soap is the same type of gentle soap used in many ritzy health and beauty spas. We price our soap to make it more affordable to the average consumer. You should never pay more than $1.00 an ounce, even for the fanciest goat milk soap! The lotions are harder to produce and don't last as long, so they will cost more. But, we endeavor to keep the cost low, the quality high... you'll find you don't have to use as much of our goat's milk creams and lotions to get the same effect that you do with the "Oil of Beauty" lotions.

Our Goat's Milk Soap is made from high quality, all natural ingredients. Our manufacturers get their goat's milk fresh from the source from goats that are raised without heavy chemicals and stress on the animals.  This keeps the milk as fresh and pure as possible.  When you use one of our bars of soap, you are nourishing your skin, which is the largest organ on your body. The lather is penetrating and will leave your skin silky smooth with a soft feel. If you have previously noticed "tight skin" from commercial soaps, you will enjoy the moisturizing benefits of goat's milk soap. Many people tell us they no longer need to use lotions because of regular use of our soaps. However, our lotions (which also contain, yes, Goat's Milk) are a great supplement for dry and itchy skin!

Nutrients are retained because our soap is made in small, controllable batches through cold processing. Our soap is rich in protiens, vitamins and minerals, which are natural to goat milk.

Commercial soaps, commonly called beauty/deodorant/moisturizing bars, dry out skin and leave unhealthy chemical residues. There is a reason it is so cheap! Commercial soap contains petroleum products (irritating to people with sensitive skin), esters (known carcinogenics), alcohols (which dry your skin), low grade oils, waxes, fillers, detergents and preservatives. They also often conatin "sodium tallowate" -- made from rendered animal fat. b  While sodium tallowate is cheap to make, it does nothing to contribute to our environment and is not a very "green" choice.  Your skin absorbs the chemicals in commercial bars of soap just like when people use transdermal patches. Your body sees those chemicals as toxins and then tries to rid itself of them. If what comes in contact with your skin is absorbed into your body, don't you think you should be careful about what you put on it?

Commercial soaps also have the natural occuring glycerin stripped out of them to resell to you in the form of beauty bars and lotions. Our soaps have all of their natural occurring glycerin as well as shea butter for extra moisturizing benefits.

Milk as a whole has long been known for it's moisturizing properties and is an ancient beauty treatment. Cleopatra was known for her beautiful skin resulting from her famous milk baths. Fancy French ladies, royalty and stars of stage and screen have all taken a turn in a milk bath! 

Milk also has alpha-hydroxy acids which break down the glue holding dead skin cells together. Alpha-hydroxy acid is well known for softening skin and leaving it rejuvenated for a younger appearance.

Goat's Milk Soap has a PH level similar to our skin, which helps protect the skin from invading bacteria and chemicals we come in contact with every day.

People who suffer from skin allergies, winter itchies, eczema, and dry skin are frequent users of goat's milk soap. While we can't tell you it will heal these conditions, we can tell you it will not further excerbate them.

We age our soaps to make them milder and longer lasting. To properly care for your bars of Nee Nee's Goat's Milk Soap, keep them in a soap dish that drains water away preventing them from sitting in a pool of water. A dry bar will last 4 times longer than a wet one!  Please visit our site for more healthful articles and our full line of goat milk soaps, goat milk lotions, goat milk foot creams, soy wax candles, and beeswax and shea butter lip balms.

Be good to your skin, and it will be good to you!

God Bless you. 

1 John 4:7

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