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Glanz Microwave miscellaneous troops rescue the formation of binary pattern

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 24   |   Comments: 0

targeting high-end market demand,
Microwave jumped 3 percent


miscellaneous troops were in the low-end market, straw, microwave oven "dual pattern" was officially formed

Recently, CVRD iron ore prices with Japan reached 71.5% of the agreement, Australian mining giant BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto shares are simultaneously soaring, led by high-end microwaves Galanz export prices by 30% give up low-end market, foreign brands in the attempt to deprive the occasion also for the domestic second and third line of the brand to stay out impressive living space. At present, Galanz is giving up 400 yuan less than the low end, microwave oven above the industry average price reached 500 yuan, driven in shape Galanz high, other low-end brands to occupy the "dual structure." Industry experts have pointed out, Galanz exercise price of high-light technology and high-end "double standard-setting power", marks the microwave oven "oligarchy" to technology from the monopoly price monopoly.

"Oligopolistic market" price depends boss

The most authoritative research centers in countries Yee on February 4, 2005 announced a microwave oven market share, Glanz as a leading brand, up 46.52 percent market share; follow the brand of beauty, LG,
Respectively 19.42%, 12.96%, 11.24% catch-up, follow the brand total of 43.62 percent, its total is still 2.9%, compared with Galanz the gap, while all three lines actually accumulated less than 10% brand, microwave ovens, "inverted pyramid Pattern "shows that microwave oven" oligopoly "has reached alarming proportions.
Planning Minister Juan
Glanz told reporters: If several enterprises reached 25% market share can compete for the formation of several leading brands, "the relative voice" of the "bull market"; if a leading enterprise market share of over 40% can be formed with "the absolute right to speak" super "oligopolistic market"! As the microwave line, second line, third line of the pattern of the brand "too poor", so Galanz can with "absolute right to speak," an exclusive launch prices and continues to monopolize the high-end structured light technology! According to the State Council for investigation: three percent price increase since Galanz since February of this year, the overall market price of microwave ovens to 543 yuan / Taiwan rose 2.13% to 1, Galanz out "up" so many no-name have by the "Union" fig leaf speculation prices.

Recently, many mainstream brands have promotions designed to end UV sunglasses, UV protection sun umbrella, because of the weather vigorous, UV skin damage to consumers will be more terrible last year, the UV lamp on have burst the "Beijing UV tragedy", the "Nanjing Massacre UV" and "Fuzhou UV tragedy," and so on, causing the height of China Consumer Association warned that while stopped Galanz low UV technology in the microwave oven on applied research, The effort to focus on "high-end light wave technology." Zhao Weimin Galanz spokesman told reporters: In the market to do after the world's No. 1, Glanz also like the software industry, Microsoft, Intel, Internet, carbonated beverages
As with "pricing and technology" absolute right to speak! At the same time, the high-end waves of more than 99.43% sterilization rate as the best technology, the cost is much higher, Glanz, after the implementation of structural price rise, LG 400 yuan to stop the low end of the production of microwave ovens, indicating mainstream brands began to give up low-end market, trade-name to leave more "symbiotic" space, the essence of traditional Chinese culture "and business" idea was finally carried forward in the microwave industry!
Glanz also save air-conditioning-name

The State Council Development Research Center of Marketing Director Lu Renbo told reporters: China from the manufacturing power to create powerful changes in important sign of its leading enterprise of China to the development of global discourse, at present, there are still only Galanz microwave oven qualification standards for a global price, although Galanz the 2004 first exports of domestic air conditioning, but air conditioning and
Has not become a "oligopoly market." Zhao depth analysis of the people to reporters: China's consumer level is too rich, too much difference between the economic level, so Galanz consciously abandoned the "survival of the fittest" in Darwin's biological theory of evolution, self-selected "excellent in the high-end choice, forced poor choice low-end "of modern civilization" symbiotic concept of "so that technology can oligopoly with cheap no-name" symbiosis "and win!

It is understood that Galanz last year, once in three of the world exhibition in more than 10 billion dollars was light appliance orders, this "excellent in meat and bone forced poor eating," the difference between marketing like Microsoft, Intel, IBM, the world's giants of the strategy; In addition, Air China, exports in 2004, "Department List" grand introduction, Glanz, Gree, Midea, to Wright, Kelon Air China exports respectively the top five, they turn to 155.7 million, 1.539 million units, 137 million, 1.353 million units, 116 million in exports of domestic brands accounted for the "million club" of top five seats
Galanz air conditioning
Microwave ovens are also being repeated legendary monopoly in the rescue after microwave-name, Galanz can re-name to save air-conditioning industry is very concern!
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