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Get Rid Of Heartburn 101: Wave Goodbye To Heartburn Signs And Symptoms

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 9   |   Comments: 0

So many people actually suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, or GERD. If you're noticing these: a feeling of being bloated, painful swallowing, pains in your stomach and your chest, and so on, then, you are most probably experiencing heartburn signs and symptoms. If you only feel those things once in a blue moon, then, there's no need to worry. However, if you experience the symptoms weekly, more than once a week, etc, then, you should start serious acid reflux treatment, or try some remedies that will help you get rid of heartburn. Here are several of them:

Remedy A: Drink a glass of water.

Experiencing reflux/heart burn means that there are high levels of acid in your body. You can try drinking a glass of H20 in order to dilute the acids, about 4 - 6 ounces of water will do. Of course, drinking H20 will only alleviate some of the discomfort, and if you wish to totally eliminate heartburn signs and symptoms, you should make use of another technique (choose from the ones discussed after this tip of drinking H20).

Remedy B: Drink a concoction of baking soda plus water.

Another acidic stomach remedy that can give you better results compared to the first tip mentioned above is this: mix about a teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of H20, and then, drink that mixture. This is considered as an acid reflux treatment as baking soda combined with water can help neutralize the excess acids in your body.

Remedy C: Take certain medications.

To get rid of heartburn more quickly, you can also take some over the counter medicine such as antacids and H2 blockers. Antacids actually neutralize the acids and can be in liquid form, or in tablet form. H2 blockers, on the other hand, produce €˜stronger' results as they work to reduce your body's acid production, and can really cause the heartburn signs and symptoms to disappear more quickly. Most of these medications are over the counter, but, it is still recommended that you consult a doctor first before taking them.

Remedy D: Drink herbal teas.

Herbal teas are also believed to be effective in eliminating various symptoms caused by various illnesses. An acidic stomach remedy that falls under this category is: Chamomile Tea. This kind of tea can help in better digestion, which of course, can also make you less prone to GERD, or reflux development. Thus, regularly consuming Chamomile Tea is considered as a must try acid reflux treatment that can aid in your goal to get rid of heartburn.

Remedy E: Choose your foods wisely.

There are certain types of foods that can actually cause heartburn signs and symptoms. It is therefore important that you learn what these foods are so you can limit your intake:

Coffee is on the top of the list of heart burn causing foods, so, it is best that you limit yourself to just a cup of coffee a day, if you can't totally avoid drinking coffee. Tomatoes and tomato based or tomato rich meals should also be avoided or limited in order to avoid having reflux. Spicy foods, alcoholic beverages, cheese, etc, are also foods that can bring about heart burn or aggravate the condition.

To get rid of heartburn, it is best that you avoid the above mentioned foods or decrease their amount in your daily diet. Trying the other treatments discussed previously is also recommended for people who are in search of an effective acidic stomach remedy or acid reflux treatment.

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