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Get Clear, Healthy Skin - The Secret Reason Why Anything You Put On Your Face Will Never Work

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

There is one key and one key only when trying to get clear healthy skin and that is you have to completely ignore your skin! Now most people take that to mean that you shouldn't rush to the mirror in the morning to make sure there aren't any new breakouts, or that you shouldn't touch your face during the day and stuff like that. This is good info, however that's not what I'm getting at.

You must stop putting stuff on your face, or at least stop expecting the stuff you do put on your face to cure you. I have a lot of cheap, homemade alternatives to help get clear healthy skin, but they're only meant to help you while you're actually taking care of the real problems.

So what are the real problems? It's your body; in a way it's telling you that something is wrong. For many people, the biggest problems for acne tend to stem from one thing: our diet. Our highly processed diets over the years leads to increased hormonal responses inside the body, as well as an over taxation upon our healing and cleansing mechanisms. To put it simply, our body has become a bit worn out and doesn't have the energy or the ability anymore to do what it needs to do. It's kind of like you at the end of the day; you have some things you need to do that are "kind of important" but you can certainly put them off for a few more days.

Now this is not to say that by changing your diet, you'll become clear automatically. I've known plenty of people that eat very healthy and restrictive diets and they still had breakouts. No, by diet I mean you have to reverse the damage that a poor diet has done to you and your body. Eating healthy is just part of the plan. Things like stress, sleep, sunlight, exercise are all important matters you must also address to get clear skin. I personally feel, however, that by reversing the damage that a poor diet has done to you will give you the greatest benefits when it comes to learning how to get clear healthy skin.

The fastest and most effective methods I know how to address these problems and get clear healthy skin is through fasts, cleanses and mono-diets. Things like the master cleanse, eating just apples or cucumbers for three days or doing a reputable colon cleanse program will help heal your body because

A.) All the energy normally used in digestion can be used to heal relatively minor problems that have piled up in the body (acne, eczema, etc)

B.) Not eating any food allows your body to clear out any crap floating around in it; junk from the poor food we eat, excess hormones, all of that can be flushed from your system and can help clear you skin very quickly and very dramatically.

When I say quickly, I'm not joking. I did a colon cleanse for 5 days and went from cystic acne to completely clear skin in 2 weeks. It's that powerful.

Through away any of those chemicals you have in your medicine cabinet and focus on real, internal methods to clear away the real problems plaguing you and your skin. That is the only way to get clear healthy skin that will stay that way forever.

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