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Get a Free Consultation with Skin Care Centres in Calgary

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

The best thing you could do for your health and appearance is to visit Total Skin Care Centre Calgary. Dr. John P. Arlette MD, FRCPC is at the heart of the skincare centre. He has more than 20 years of experience in dermatology and cosmetic practices to help his patients look and feel their best and is one of the 16 surgeons in Canada fully accredited for Mohs Micrographic Surgery. He listens to his patients' concerns and does evaluates every aspect of their skin. Then he recommends the best treatments and skin care products. He has personally developed innovative techniques that give your skin the best possible outcome.

Some lines in your face that develop over the years may make you look angry, tired or worried when you are none of these. Botox is the most popular treatment for wrinkles because it only takes a few minutes to do and lasts for months. Botox Calgary is the safest and most effective treatment you can find to reduce mid-forehead furrows, lift eyebrows, smooth crow's feet, soften and increase fullness of the upper lip, lift the corners of the mouth and reduce the lines on the neck. Dr. Arlette uses only genuine Botox from Allergan Inc. which is the only one approved for use in Canada.

Another possible treatment depending on your situation is Juvederm filler that gives instant results. As the skin ages collagen is lost and Juvederm can be injected to replace lost tissue. It actually stimulates the production of new collagen so the results look natural. Previously the process was painful and an anesthetic needed to be injected before the procedure, but lidocaine, an anesthetic, has been added to the Juvederm making the process pain free. It can be quickly done on the way home from work with no recovery time. It will correct wrinkles and scars, smile lines and fill areas that are affected by weathering and gravity.

A consultation at the Total Skin Care Centre will give you reassurance about any moles, changes in your skin and bumps. If there is anything that needs treatment, you can rest assured that Dr. Arlette has the knowledge and expertise to take care of it. You skin reflects your overall general health and it takes an expert to know what you need. The friendly and highly qualified staff at Total Skin Care Centre will answer all your questions and make you comfortable. Your self confidence will rise as your appearance improves far beyond your expectations.

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