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Forehead Frown Lines? Some Effective Solutions

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

What causes forehead frown lines? What treatments are effective for removing or reducing them? Youll find the answers to those questions here.

There are several things that cause or contribute to wrinkles. Even genetics may play a role. One of the primary causes of all of the signs of aging is free radical damage.

Free radicals are molecules that you may have heard of. Supplement companies talk a lot about the in their television advertisements. They are naturally present in almost all of the cells of the body. Usually, they are harmless. But, when they are exposed to UV radiation, they get a little wild.

Our major source of exposure to UV radiation is the sun. We need some sun exposure for vitamin D production and other reasons. But, some people spend too much time in the sun. They often suffer from premature skin aging as a result.

Other things can cause free radicals to act up. Exposure to cigarette smoke for example. Air pollution of all types may be involved in skin aging. Spending too much time in the sun without protection is just the most common cause.

Although we call them forehead frown lines, habitual facial expressions probably do not play a major role in their formation. Dermatologists say that they result from the accumulation of small amounts of molecular damage over the course of many years.

In addition to free radical damage, there are other kinds of molecular damage. For example, inflammatory molecules can degrade collagen fibers. Advanced Glycation End-products or AGEs are molecules that contribute to aging, too. They can actually cause the death of any of the cells of the body.

The treatments that are effective for reducing or removing forehead frown lines include Botox, hyaluronic acid and collagen injections, although collagen is usually used on the area between the nose and the corners of the mouth; what we usually call laugh lines.

Other wrinkle fillers can be injected into the area. The price of the treatments ranges from $400-$1000 each. It is usually necessary to have several treatments in order to achieve the desired results.

The injections are not without risks. Pain and serious bruising are among the most common adverse reactions, although more serious ones are sometimes seen. Another drawback is that they are only temporary fixes.

Some of the less expensive treatments for forehead frown lines include anti-aging or anti-wrinkle creams. The most effective ones are those that contain ingredients that can prevent and/or repair the molecular damage that has already occurred.

An antioxidant called coenzyme Q10 has been used in several studies. The particles are reduced in size in order to allow them to penetrate deeply. They are mixed with an emulsion, usually one composed of grape seed oil or other natural oils.

The solution is applied daily to the face. The appearance gradually improves over time. In one study, a 30% improvement was seen after three months.

There are other natural safe and natural solutions for forehead frown lines. You might want to learn more about those, before you resort to the needles.

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