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For Effective Relief Of Eczema Try This All Natural Moisturizer Treatment You Can Make At Home

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 18   |   Comments: 0

If you have eczema, you know how uncomfortable a flare up can be. Your skin itches, starts scaling and the affected area turns red.

Eczema makes you embarrassed especially if the affected area is visible to others. Even touching the affected area can be painful.

I have been a sufferer for a long time and I've tried a lot of different remedies that promised relief but did not deliver on their promises. Not only that but I usually ended up with it returning more severely than before. I decided to look to the natural remedies and I came across the following recipe that greatly relieved the itching and the redness of my skin. To make this soothing moisturizer you will need the following

1. Licorice Extract You will enjoy quick, effective relief of the swelling and redness brought about by the Eczema because licorice is very helpful in this regard. As a powerful anti-inflammatory you will notice a fast reduction of discomfort, irritation and itching.

2. Blueberry Extract Blueberry leaves help to protect the skin from bacteria and other disease-causing microbes.

3. Lotions that do not contain any dyes, oils and scents. Aloe Vera or zinc based lotions are perfect for when you want to make your own natural Eczema remedy.

To add the extracts to your lotion, start by applying your normal quantity of lotion to the palm of your hand. Then add 2 drops of blueberry extract and 1 to 2 drops of licorice, depending on how bad your eczema is, to the lotion in your hand. Use your finger to mix the extracts into the lotions, and then apply the lotion as you normally would.

This Natural Remedy for Eczema is one of the best solutions to reduce the itch and redness of the skin, without resorting to any chemicals.

Not only will this recipe help to prevent infections but it will also aid your skin in the healing process. Inflammation, redness and itching will no longer be a bother to you. I sincerely invite you to give this remedy a try and am confident that it will provide you with relief just as it did for me.

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