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Flip Website? - How To Do This Right!!!!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 11   |   Comments: 0

So Why I need Flip Website?


This is very simple answer.If you know how to do affiliate marketing and you make some maybe 1000$ or 10000$ a month.I you know what you are doing then you make this kinds of money. If You just starting out and want to make some extra cash fast + you have your domains already on internet. Then This is for you.So

Check out what information you will get here.

Most people just don't get how clsoe they are to massive payday. I don't know you personally, but my guess is that you're tired of hearing the same things over and over, and if a big check doesn't arrive soon, you're done.

So here's my advice: GIVE UP.

So What Are you waiting for Go check out got more Flip Website Today!

Now that's not just cheap talk. Here's a great example of a website that was flipped for a cool $80,000 using this type of system:

Of course, not every website will sell for $80,000 so let me show you a few others that still sold for big bucks.

Here's a "small" flip I did€¦

How profitable is website flipping?

Well, a website making as little as $1/day is often sold for $1,000 or more, depending on a variety of factors. My friend John's entire business strategy is to build sites that make $1/day and then sell them for between $3,000 and $7,000 a pop. And you know what else?? I've seen websites making ZERO money sell for over $100,000. The key is using the right system and marketing strategy to get the maximum legal payout. And that's exactly what I share with you inside my "Lump Sum Profits" program.

The cool thing about this site is that I bought it for $750 just a few weeks before. I made a bunch of mistakes along the way and I still flipped it for a nice $2500 profit! Did I mention that I made $700 in those few weeks while HOLDING the website? That was the easiest $3,200 ever.

Let me explain.  I got into internet marketing a few years ago to pick up some extra cash without having to take on a part-time job working for someone else or doing something like flipping burgers.

Like many internet marketers, I struggled with a lot of trial and error, trying to figure out how to make money online consistently.  I watched other internet marketers battle through the same exact struggles too.

I watched a lot of them bounce from marketing idea to marketing idea, trying to find that "big thing" that would deliver a major flood of cash.

They'd try something new for a while€¦ not see any progress, so they'd give up and move on to the latest "hot marketing idea".

It's no wonder so many newer marketers get so frustrated or give up.  There's a lot of ways to try to make money online but unfortunately, not all of them seem to work for the average guy or gal.

Most people I see will try a few things, and when it doesn't work, they give up.

And then one day it happened... my business friend and I decided to give up on one of our projects.

One of my struggling friends ran into trouble and needed to raise funds FAST. He needed to pay some bills immediately, and he got desperate. He did the only thing knew to do - he sold off one of his failed websites.

It was a sad day... all of this time and energy spent building this business was for none...


We watched in amazement as my friend sold that site for a cool $3,500!

We were stoked... it was more than enough to pay off all the bills, and there was some left over.

So What Are you waiting for Go check out got more Flip Website Today!

At the same time, we were puzzled... with all the struggles and hardship we had been POURING into our business without any success, the big payday came when we GAVE UP and sold the website.

Huh. Whaddya know.

(Can you say "lightbulb moment"?)

We started building little sites and flipping them. We were literally flying by the seat of our pants and learning by complete trial and error.

Some of our "custom" sites sold for $1,100.

Others sold for $3,000 or more.

And when a month-old website sold for $13,000, we knew we had struck gold... this was the real estate gold rush all over again, except way easier and much faster.

Of course, if we had known then what we know now about website flipping€¦ we could have sold all of those sites for A LOT more money.

So What Are you waiting for Go check out got more Flip Website Today!

All we would have had to do was a few things differently and we could have easily boosted the value of the sites being sold by 200% or more.

I'll be honest€¦ we had some serious trial and error.  I remember one flip that we priced way too low... only to find that we undersold it by about $10,000 (ouch).

But fortunately, every time we flipped a website, we made money.

If You will take this course and not earn money Ryan will give you back inversted money and + he will give you 100$ just for trying out.I think This is great deal.

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