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Five Luxury Gadgets For Small Cars

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 6   |   Comments: 0

Going on long trips on summer vacation has become a norm for many families. But travelling in a car feels tedious and tiresome to many people. By equipping the car with some additional gadgets it can be made entertaining and liveable place. They can give the feeling of a luxurious drive. All that they will ever require is some electrical outlets and a place to fit it in. Car manufacturer fit them in Luxury cars, but small cars are devoid of them altogether. Luxury SUVs too come standard with some of these features.

Here is a list of five items that can boost the small car driving experience. Some of them are those that were use everyday in our houses. Hence having them in the car will only enhance the comfort factor. All of these are not only for the driver but the whole crowd that travels in the car.

Equipping the car with latest electronic gadgets can be slightly heavy on the pocket at first, but the results are far more rewarding. These are the types of luxury that can be enjoyed as you drive along. Let us look into the features that can be fitted into the car.

Refrigerator: have a portable refrigerator fitted into the cabin. Most luxury cars will have them, but small cars can also get it in the aftermarket. Refrigerators are a must in hot summers, when people feel drained out of energy. Driving a cup of cup of cold water or beverage can immediately revive energy of passengers. Children will a cold drink during their drive. Juices and food can be stored fresh in the refrigerator. Emergency medicines can also be stored in it.

Portable Rear Screen Entertainment:This entertainment system is a true luxury features. Normally in Luxury cars they have them fitted on back of front seat headrests or on the headliner. There are several makes of in-car entertainment available in the market. Fix a portable flip down entertainment system and equip it with the DVD entertainment system. People can enjoy video games as well as movies. Children will love it and refuse to move out of rear seats. It gives travelling a real luxurious experience.

Heated travel mug: A mug with a hot coffee/tea helps enlighten moods. small cars can get them fixed in the markets. It can be fitted into one of the cupholders. The heated travel mug needs to be connected to a power point which will get it started. It can be set at desired levels. Enjoying a hot beverage during luxury drives is a privilege only few can afford. It is a luxury altogether.

Air Compressor: This garage equipment is very handy on long drives. An air compressor is useful to fix air leaking tires immediately so that travel can b resumed in few minutes. The tire which could become unusuable due to a small flaw can be made travel-worthy in a few minutes. A tire can be healed without the help of a mechanic. This is useful on long trips. Small cars that are not actually designed for long trips, can make use of this equipment often. One can enjoy the luxury of driving away with small stop.

Coffee-Maker: This portable beverage maker can enlighten spirits by its aroma. For people who do not like to stop by roadside food outlets or carry a thermos at all times, will like the portable coffee-maker. A coffee pot can brew up to 1-12 cups in a few minutes. All that needs to be done is that the portable coffee-maker needs to be plugged to a power outlet and allow the coffee brew in a minute. Enjoy the luxury of a fresh cup of coffee during a drive.

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