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Fisher Price Dinosaur Robot - Possibly the Best Toy Dinosaur Ever

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 31   |   Comments: 0

Children are and continuously will be fascinated with dinosaurs, they've a way of captivating children and dinosaur themed toys are no exception. Youngsters want to learn all they can about them, where and just how they lived, the things they ate and why they aren't around.

A Fisher Price Dinosaur or the "Spike Red Dinosaur" to be accurate, employs state of the art technologies that will allow your dinosaur to wander open and close it's mouth including blink it's eyes, oh yes, it will even stand on it's hind legs as well. Talk about exciting a young mind! Your toddler will simply love this, and all is made possible by a tiny hand held remote control that a little one can operate.

This distinctive remote doesn't stop there, your little one can also manipulate the sounds it makes also. From a growl to a roar and even a snort, the remote control permits your little one to control the very sounds your Fisher Price Dinosaur produces, just by pushing a button. The push-button control is child proof and includes substantial, easy to understand buttons that almost any youngster can operate.

At just over 2 feet tall your Dinosaur works for a child of almost any age. The battery power must be charged up again for 4 hours at night and probably once every 5 days, subject to how regularly it's played with. If you choose to leave it on, the Dinosaur will immediately go to sleep, and finally switches it's self off. The push-button control functions at a distance of around eight ft.

When not in use for a time, it snoozes. However it doesn't simply just shutdown immediately, first of all It yawns next the blinking starts, next It's neck droops and Its eyes closes, snores for a time before lastly turning it self off.

Before you even think about buying your child a new toy, check out this video of Spike the Red Dinosaur at Fisher Price Dinosaur! Alternatively go to the site directly at http://www.squidoo.com/fisherpricedinosaur

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