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Fish Oils For Blood Pressure Health

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? If you do then you'll be well aware how important it is to use every method available to reduce those readings without resorting to doctor prescribed medications. Millions of people around the world take BP meds every day - and almost all of them experience troublesome side effects. Some even choose to stop the medications because the side effects are so severe. Does this sound like you?

Stay up beat if you can however - it's not all tales of woe and misery. Doctors now have rooms stuffed with facts and figures proving beyond doubt that food choices and howmuch salt you eat makes a huge difference to stroke risk and heart attack health. What you actually put in your mouth each day might just be what saves your life. Salt in particular is the real killer factor here. If you are one of the three in ten who are very salt sensitive then just trimming back the sodium levels could transform things for you.

Of course it could be that exercise - and not diet - is the issue for you. Many of us actually maintain a pretty good diet from the fat content or salt level side of things, but we let ourselves down by not managing to get enough exercise. Modern lifestyles can make it genuinely hard to fit a spell of exercise into daily routines. Even half an hour a day will help however - and it doesn't all need to be in one big chunk to give you blood pressure benefit. Two fifteen minute walks will do the trick just as well.

Adding a supplement to your diet might help you too. Fish oils seem to work really well and they've been shown to lower your BP levels as well as improving your fat and lipid levels. Omega oils from fish will help sort out a cholesterol problem if you have one.

To end this article on a high note then - why don't you give a try to a herbal remedy. There are lots of these available - some as single compound capsules and tablets, others in combination. A good combined approach capsule is called Alistrol - it has four separate ingredients and has been shown in a research trial to reduce blood pressure levels in most people. And all without those troublesome medication side effects.

So it's over to you then. No excuse - no dodging the issue. The bare bones facts are that if you improve your BP numbers you could save your life and avoid the risk of stroke or heart attack. Go for it! Start today! It's not complicated - just make a small change to your diet, reduce salt, exercise more and take a regular supplement like Alistrol. You might just add some great years to your life expectancy - and you'll feel better too.

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