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Firm Saggy Breasts

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 34   |   Comments: 0

Having a well-filled breast is almost every woman's dream. In a society like ours where having big breasts is adored and given such emphasis, it is not surprising that every flat-chested woman desires to be well-endowed. Various breast enhancement products have come to the forefront that promise to give fuller breasts. But there's no proof that they really work.

Lets have a look at why breasts sag in the first place. The main reason is that the pectoral muscles (just under the breasts) have not been kept in good shape, sometimes it is due to breastfeeding but if these muscles are not kept toned, they tend to shrink, which in turn causes the nipples to aim for the floor!

Breast pain is very common - perhaps all women have it at some time. It is common to have painful, heavy, swollen breasts before a menstrual cycle. Both breasts get affected at the same time and one may feel some kind of discomfort in the armpit or upper arm. In some women, the pain is so severe that they might have to have to wear a bra at night. The problem usually starts in the 20s and 30s, and ends by menopause.

Women who are actually going through menopause are encouraged to eat foods that are said to increase breast size as it balances out their hormones. It is believed that some conventional vegetarian foods like tofu, dried beans, berries and wheat germ can also assist in their appearance.

Aerobic exercise including running, or at a minimum walking briskly, should be done daily. In addition to exercise a proper diet including wholesome grains, fruits, and vegetables should be started. Sweets and fats should be avoided. Highly starchy meals aren't going to be very helpful either. Meats should be lean and not eaten in excess.

Breast exercises in case of hormonal imbalance cannot play the crucial role. Here the option of plastic surgery which is the best recourse in comparison to breast exercise. Apart from surgery, you can lift your breast up in a natural way. The best strategy to prevent sagging is to wear supportive sport bras.

Breasts represent sensuality, femininity and erotic pleasure. When sexually aroused, breast size increases and the nipples harden. They are sensitive to touch and can bring a woman to orgasm. In Kama Sutra, it is erotic to scrape the breasts with nails and bite them hard. After a boob job, some women have a greater self-esteem and more sexual desire. They are more easily aroused and satisfied.

People who have small breasts do not need to be braless when sporting a backless blouse or dress because there are bra cups that can just be glued onto the skin. This is the reason why some celebrities' breasts are still perky even when they seem to be wearing just a piece of cloth to cover their boobs.

And then there are those women that just want their breasts to look right. In the human race, we believe that symmetrical features are the more beautiful features. Many women just want their breasts to be more symmetrical, or to be more proportionate to the size of their body, whether this means a breast reduction to make breasts smaller to match rapid weight loss, or a augmentation to make breasts that were naturally small larger to match the body.

Read about breast enlargement . Also read about firm busts and breast sagging

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