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Fire is a Mighty Power

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 130   |   Comments: 0

The planet is full of mighty powers. There are powers that influence the whole civilization and there are powers that only influence a particular part of it. One of the mightiest powers of natural world is fire. Fire is always nearby in modern society. Whether it be by keeping on warm or the obliteration of personal memories and possessions, fire is an current power in society. Because of this fact, it allows us to contrast fire and life on the whole.

Fire start on with a thought of a spark. After the it is made and with the help of firewood, the fire begins to get bigger. When a fire begins to get bigger it can destroy everything in its path because of the power of outside forces. If there is wind, the flames alter their way and speed and can overwhelm a lot of other things. Conversely, if the wind doesn't blow, the flames may burn themselves to the earth and never reach its highest point. If it rains, the flames are slowed and can even whittle it away for good. Oxygen is essential for a fire to thrive; lacking it a fire will be stopped and die. Some things let fire burn for ages at the same time as others burn to ashes very fast or can't be burned down in any way. There are no two identical fires, in what they make. a few wander free whilst others are limited by an area. A fire is gorgeous to some, whereas to others it is hazardous and extremely dangerous.

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