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Find Out What Is The Best Media Platform For Your Business

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 13   |   Comments: 0

There is a dearth of options to get to your customers. The market is just so full with all forms of media options - from outdoor advertising like billboards to traditional print products like flyers and color business cards. The internet also provides a competitive advantage to small business or start up business because of its extensive reach and little overhead costs. But the multitude of choices leads one to ask, €˜What is the best platform that is both cost-effective and at the same time would be able to reach the widest audience?' There is no direct answer to this but read the following questions and it might be able to help you arrive at a conclusion.

First, before you decide on a communication platform, ask yourself who your audience is? Who is going to read or look at your ads? Who will be receiving your email alerts? Where do you plan to distribute a good number of your color business cards? As you are a consumer yourself, you may be your own best test market. Just ask yourself what kinds of media you are exposed to on a daily basis while commuting on your way to work. Do you prefer to read magazines, watch TV or surf the internet on your free time? Your answers to these questions might just help you identify which is the best platform for you to use.

Second, do a bit of a research. If you intend to use the newspaper, check the newspapers' website to know the rates or other basic advertising pricing and guidelines. Visit their office and find out their circulation or their readership. If you want to use color business cards, go to business card printing online companies and ask about their rates and options. If you want to use the local cable TV, find out about their rates and demographic data.

Third, find out what others are using. Learn what the competition is using. If you are in a particular industry, one medium like the TV air time may provide better results than say, traditional print products. Take for example the growing market for online advertising. Even online marketing is gaining a good share of the market. Nevertheless, there is still a good number of the population who prefers the local daily. Call them old fashioned but they still prefer something that they can touch and smell or something that could smear.

Whatever your media platform might be, the rule of thumb is always where you are comfortable with as a person or better yet, as a consumer. You are the best resource person and you would know what is best for your business or your market.

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