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Features of Online Counseling Sessions

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

The conventional way of face to face counseling has seen drastic change over the years. Advancements in the digital world have also modified the clinical approach of counselors towards treating their patients. Now, instead of taking an appointment with a therapist, individuals can solicit therapy online. Chatrooms have replaced hospitals and IM software, like Skype, conveys all the information and emotions which may be hard to share in person.

Opting for therapy online is a convenient and comfortable way to express the things which are put in words otherwise. There are issues individuals cannot talk about as they may feel ashamed or depressed while talking about the same. Online counseling emerges as an alternative way for people who are looking for a way to express themselves without facing the therapist.

The process of conducting online counseling sessions is quite simple and hassle-free. High speed Internet connectivity is the prerequisite for such sessions and conferencing solutions like Skype, Windows Live and Yahoo Messenger are commonly used for providing therapy over a broadband connection. In order to make the session more effective, webcams are also used to ensure that visual contact can be established between the two parties. With recent innovations, it is now possible to receive clear, live videos using a web cam.

Nowadays, there are several therapists rendering online counseling services readily available over the Internet. Just like conventional counseling sessions, the competence of the counselor is crucial for the success of online therapy. Only a qualified and experienced psychologist is deemed to be fit for this job. When carried out in the appropriate way, online therapy can effectively relieve patients of the problems they are facing. The major consideration for the success of therapy online is how efficiently it is done. So it is crucial to check the credentials of the counselor before making a choice.

In spite of accomplishing all the requirements of online counseling, technological failures can become reasons for disruption. Slow Internet speed or congestion in the network can prove to be a deterrent for the therapist and patient, alike. Connectivity between the two sides is deteriorated making it difficult to focus on issues which are brought on table by patient for therapy online. Thus, it is essential that both parties should ensure that they have access to a sound communication infrastructure. It will enable them to converse with each other over a fail-safe and secure channel, without any technical failure.

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