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Fast Weight Loss Diets Can Be Drastically Effected By The Changes That Have Occurred In Livestock Production

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 27   |   Comments: 0

Grazing animals such as cows and sheep have the  ability to  change grasses into food.  These grazing animals are considered ruminants.  They  obtained their name because they  have an  additional stomach called a rumen which is a fermentation  reservoir in which their digestive bacteria converts the cellulose into fats and protein.

Fifty years ago, a good steak might have been aged  a number  weeks, but with the  start of the feed lot, it was soon  recognized at by grain feeding the animals 10-20 days  preceding  slaughter a very tender meat was produced not requiring the very  expensive tenderizing  procedure .

In the 1930's a  high quality  corn yield was 50 bushels per acre.  By the 1960's yields in excess of 200 bushels per acre were not that  unusual.

The meat producers quickly recognized that they could decrease the maturity rate for their cattle by producing them in the feed lot.  In the middle of the twentieth century, it was taking four to five years to  forage cattle to maturity.  By producing the  livestock  in the feed lot, this  time  to raise the cattle to the point of slaughter, was reduced to 14 to 16 months.
Whenever there are radical changes in any of the  customary methods of production, the law of unintended consequences raises its hideous  head.

To take beef cattle from it birth weight of 80 pounds to its slaughter weight of 1200 pounds, in such a reduced period of time, requires  altering the animal's diet from its  normal  food to grain and growth hormone supplements.

The growth hormones are  purposely designed to  assist  quick weight gain.  Any  remaining amounts in the end products would make a consumer gain weight beyond their  ordinary tendency.

This  abnormal food increases the acidity of the animal's stomach. Feeding them grain is  to blame  for the  increased  prevalence of E. coli 0157:H7 bacteria.  In conjunction with the increased acidity of feeding grains to cattle we have the perfect conditions for creating dangerous microbes that can actually harm or kill us.  E. coli have now developed that can survive our less acidic stomach acids.

Not  unexpectedly , being grown in crowded and unsanitary  circumstances  and not receivingits natural food, the  livestock  require large  quantities of antibiotics to  preserve their health.  Livestock production now requires the usage of 70% of the world's production of antibiotics.

As if this conditionis not bad enough, this change in beef production has led directlyto the development of antibiotic resistant bacteria.  These "superbugs" are rendering our miracledrugs ineffective

In addition to these  quite dangerous  circumstances in the quality of the meat being  currently produced, the  variation in the health benefits are absolutely astounding.  The ratio of Omega6 to Omega3 helps to dictates the inflammatory condition of the human body.  The meat from grazing  livestock is a very health ratio of 5:1, while the meat from feed lot animals is an unhealthy 25:1.

In addition to this healthy Omega6/Omega3 ratio the meat contains a much higher amount of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  CLA is associated in the distribution of lean to fat tissue and also seems to  delay cancer risk.

Vitamin E is four times as high as feed lot meat and has been {shown| revealed to have  important benefits to heart health.

Neither Great Britain nor the European Union will  consent to the importation of beef products from the United States because of our use of the antibiotics and the growth hormones used for accelerating weight gain.

This  editorial shows that when hormones and antibiotics are used in the  production of our livestock, residual amounts will be eaten by the consumer and health problems and weight gain can be  anticipated.

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