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Fashions for Women 40 Years Young Or Better!

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 12   |   Comments: 0

Ladies…....just because you are 40 Years Young or better, does not mean that dressing sexy is out of the question for you. There are many, many fashionable designs out there that will compliment and enhance your best features and assets. So stop choosing clothing to "look young" and choose clothing that will make you "look polished."

The first thing….. is to always choose clothing that fit your particular body type and choose your correct size. Just because your friend has an outfit in a size 4 and you are a size 10 and they make the outfit in your size, doesn't mean that you should wear it. More than likely, the outfit will not look that great on you, and vice versa. Fashions for Women 40 Years Young or better, are sexier and more polished than ever. There are so many choices. Yes, please get yourself a pair of Skinny Jeans, heck yeah get yourself a nice mini-dress and some rockin't stilettos. There is no need to skimp, nor be shy about deciding on wardrobe choices that you feel and know will look great on you. Just make sure that whatever you choose is in good taste, and fits your body type and true personality type flawlessly. Some Women 40 Years Younger or better, usually go for a more youthful look, but you want to be taken seriously…......right? These days everything is about looking younger…...and for what purpose? Why not try looking your vibrant, beautiful, and mature age for a change. What is so wrong with that? Some women age very beautifully, but if you keep choosing youthful clothing, having facial techniques and procedures done to change your appearance, lip injections, and so on and so forth, you'll all just look the same. Be an Individual!

Second thing…...some great Classic Pieces for Women 40 Years Young or better to add to her Wardrobe are: Tailored Classic-Cut Trousers or Slacks, Flat Front Trousers or Slacks, also think about choosing a Wide-Leg pair, as they offer a more high fashion look and feel. Jackets/Blazers….......choose a three-button cuff with a three-button front entry, and traditional notched lapels, that way you will look more polished and sophisticated; and always make sure the fit is comfortable for you. You should update your Casual Wardrobe with a perfectly fitting pair of vintage washed skinny dark jeans, and a boot-cut jean with a distressed look also in dark denim. Dark denim can be dressed up or down and they are wonderful to experiment with.

Lastly…...I always advise my clients to "Dress According To Their True Personality Types" and so should you. Experiment with different styles, colors, and design patterns. You never know what new look, image, and trend a Woman 40 Years Young or better can set-off.

Monica M. Burns
Copyright2006. Monica M. Burns. All Rights Reserved.

About The Author – Image Consultant/Fashion Stylist

Monica M. Burns is a Writer, Expert Author, and Image Consultant/Fashion Stylist. She is President and Founder of Fabulous Life Image Consulting. She is also Founding Editor and President of Monica M. Burns Inc. Publications and Fabulous Life Image Online Magazine. She is an Expert in her field with over ten (10) years of experience. She has authored several eBooklets and other reading information materials and is a featured Expert Author and Writer on many websites and in many In-Print and Online Magazines. She has also contributed to several poetic anthologies and won awards for her work.

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