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Familiarizing Yourself About Hypoglycaemia

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 19   |   Comments: 0

Hypoglycaemia is a commonly used or coined medical jargon for a serious body state or situation when the amount of glucose or sugar in the bloods stream falls to a much lower level than the normal average level.

The term hypoglycaemia originated in the UK, and in modern American terms is spelled differently, hypoglycemia. The term hypoglycaemia in literal translations means or is referring to €˜low blood sugar.'

Hypoglycaemia produces various manifestations and symptoms. The effects and results of hypoglycaemia arise from inadequate or insufficient glucose supply.

Glucose is important because it serves somehow as fuel or energy source to the brain. Thus, less glucose transported to the brain will result in a function impairment of the brain.

When the brain malfunctions due to reduced glucose supply, the person can apparently feel bad, uneasy and deranged. The person, if the case become severe, could also potentially suffer from a coma, which if left untreated would even result to death.

Hypoglycaemia is caused by a variety of factors. Symptoms and severity of hypoglycaemia also vary with age.

Endocrinologists are specialists that focus or look at blood glucose metabolism and disorders. Endocrinologists have checklists that calssify the severity and potential adverse harms and effects from a hypoglycaemia attack.

Endocrinologists study the many facets and aspects of hypoglycaemia. They zero in on attacks. They closely look at the symptoms or manifestations indicating a hypoglycaemia attack.

Glucose levels in the blood are also monitored at the time or onset of the symptoms as well as the restoration of glucose levels after treatments. Such measures would help determine the real case of a patient.

Undergoing such studies would help determine what necessary treatment a hypoglycaemia victim should receive on the next or succeeding hypoglycaemia attacks.

Symptoms of hypoglycaemia

Symptoms and manifestations indicating a hypoglycaemia attack can vary. They are quite numerous. Simple attacks of hypoglycaemia can be indicated by dilated pupils of the eye, coldness and clamminess, excessive sweating even amid cold weathers, palpitating heart beats, tremor, nervousness, anxiety onset and shakiness.

A more severe attack of hypoglycaemia is indicated by abdominal discomforts, vomiting and nausea and a constant and severe feeling of hunger.

Because hypoglycaemia directly affects the brain, the following symptoms indicate that the condition has worsened. At the onset of these manifestations, the patient should immediately be rushed to the hospital.

- Impaired judgment
- Moodiness, depression, fear of death and crying without valid reasons
- Changes in normal and usual personality
- Fatigue, often day dreaming and constant sleepiness
- Amnesia and delirium
- Stuttering or impaired speech
- Automatic behavior
- Seizures and coma

Treatment and prevention

Hypoglycaemia are usually treated by immediately increasing the glucose content or blood sugar to normal level in the victim or patient.

In take of carbohydrates is greatly advised. Carbohydrates usually are in the form of solid food and liquids, which are preferred when the patient finds it hard to swallow.

Medications that can help administer carbohydrates to the patients are also available. However, doctors and endocrinologists have the exclusive knowledge to prescribe such to patients.

The most effective way or means of preventing hypoglycaemia is by avoiding the decline of glucose in the blood. It is done by making sure you will not skip your meals or the daily recommended in take or amount of carbohydrates.

Glucose is very essential for the brain to function well. That is why people should not allow glucose levels to drop or fall significantly.

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