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Fake Doctors Excuse Notes - the Many Reasons for Using One

By:   |   Jul 08, 2018   |   Views: 15   |   Comments: 0

There are many reasons why someone may need to use a fake doctor's excuse note. At first glance, using a fake doctor's excuse note may sound like cheating. But you may be surprised to find that many people use these notes with the best of intentions. That means they didn't really intend to harm anyone. How is that possible? Read on, and you will soon discover the underlying reasons for using fake doctor's excuse notes.

1) Poor health.

This is the most obvious reason for using a doctor's excuse note. Many people are just overworked in our fast paced society. And in many cases, they feel that they are robbed of the rest that their bodies deserve. Mostly, these people are starting to sense that their health is deteriorating. But still, they haven't yet been able to discover anything wrong.

So to get some rest without having to see a doctor, who will most likely send them straight back to work, they choose to use fake doctor's excuse notes. After all, this is a guarantee that they will indeed get the rest they needed to nurse themselves back to health. If they don't take care of their own health, who will?

2) Lack of budget for medical fees.

There are some less fortunate people who may be under great financial stress. For example, a student may not have the money to consult a doctor, or the company that an executive is working for does not provide adequate medical claims. As a result, these people use printable doctor's excuse notes to save money.

Note that in this situation, the person who chooses to use a doctor's excuse note may be really sick. But in order to save money, he or she has chosen to use a fake excuse note.

3) To help a student graduate.

A student with poor health may have taken many days of leave. Usually, educational institutions have a cap on how many days a student can be absent. Exceed that cap and the student may not be able to graduate. So the student is now forced to produce some form of medical excuse, so as to be allowed to take the necessary exams and graduate.

4) To help save a job.

Professionals face a similar problem. In bigger corporations, where rules and regulations are extremely strict, a staff may be fired due to absences with no valid excuse. Again, the professional may have to produce some form of medical excuse to protect his or her rice bowl.

5) For a family emergency.

Sometimes, there may be emergencies in a person's life. A family emergency is just one good example. But what happens if a working adult runs out of leave and needs to attend to his family urgently? Of course, he can take urgent leave, but that usually means he goes off unpaid. Alternatively, he can use a fake doctor's excuse note, and still get paid while attending to his family.

The above are five strong reasons why people use fake doctor's excuse notes. And they are strong reasons because although unfortunate, the situations cited above can happen to anyone. Fake doctor's excuse notes can really help here.

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